fall party
Wow, wow, wow. I have a seven year old. A full blown big kid. This weekend we celebrated sensational seven with an autumn themed party, at the birthday girl’s request. If only I had known we would be at the height of a record breaking heat wave, we may have opted for a beach party like last year. Oh well… she had a great, although sweltering, fall party. I gave her this adorable Little Miss Pumpkin shirt as a birthday gift. It’s made by Paper Doll Clothing Co. aka lovely mommy and blogger, Lindsay. Here are some of the details. And you don’t need a birthday to celebrate this beautiful season…

fall party welcome 
I moved my kitchen chalkboard to the entry and drew a chalk pumpkin. I love how it brings a little bit of fall and didn’t cost any money. 
bobbin for apples 
Little Miss Seven wanted a bobbing for apples game. It ended up being a great way for the kids to cool off, and they each took tuns dunking their whole heads after the game. I left the stems on the apples, but learned it was too easy for these big kids. In the future I would remove them first. 
fall veggies 
Fall snacks. Veggies and dip are so much cuter when the dip is served in a mini pumpkin! 
kids sandwiches 
Cute sammies. Always a kid favorite.
cheese plate
I wanted to make a beautiful fall cheese board that was kid and grown-up friendly. So yummy with grapes, apples, dried apricots, figs, a couple of cheeses and one cheddar (aka kiddo) cheese, a couple of cracker choices, and rosemary marcona almonds. So yummy.
ice cream sandwich bar 
The dessert. I WAS going to make this incredible caramel apple cake. Check it out, it’s a show-stopper. But then the heat. 100 degree, no AC, heat! We decided a DIY ice cream sandwich bar would be a more sensible option. I served three flavors of ice cream and a few different types of cookies. ice cream sandwich party 
It was a hit! 
elsa face paint
We had an incredibly talented face painter come. Santa Barbara friends, I cannot recommend Maria’s Face Painting highly enough. And this lovely little Elsa chose Frozen face paint. 
fall water
Like spa water, but for fall. painting pumpkins craft
I like to have a kids’ craft activity at our birthday parties, and this one was great. I set up a table covered in butcher paper with paper mache pumpkins, paint, glitter, paintbrushes, and cups of water. Then the kids took over with their creativity. The pumpkins turned out beautifully.
paper mache pumpkin
This pastel pumpkin was my favorite. Here’s where I got the pumpkins, though you may be able to find them at a local craft store.
fall centerpiece
Trader Joe’s flower arrangements + craft pumpkin with jar of water inside = easy fall flower arrangement. 
fall party favors
I found these cute orange clothespins at Michael’s. jumbo balloon
I LOVE these trendy jumbo “Geronimo” balloons with tassels. There are many many etsy stores selling them for around $30 each, but I like to make things myself whenever I can, and this was no different. I saved about $50 making two of them myself! Let me know if you would like me to post the DIY! It was pretty easy.

Happy Birthday my Sensational Seven. 

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