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The fall sports season is in full swing. It’s our first year with soccer and my 6 year old is loving it. Her 4 year old sister is not loving being an 8 am Saturday morning cheerleader, but hopefully she’ll grow to love it too. Our girls have done ballet, swimming, and gymnastics in the past, but this year of soccer is taking athletics to a new level. The kids are all sweaty and bright red faced after practices and games. And so, so hungry. I’ve been thinking about healthy snacks to nourish our growing kids after sports and wanted to share them with you. After strenuous exercise, it’s important to refuel with protein, so that muscles and bones can continue to grow strong.

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Milk is a classic choice for growing kids, and even for elite athletes. Though I choose plain whole milk for my kids, my husband loves to refuel with chocolate milk after a workout. And his workouts are serious… he literally did an 80 mile training bike ride last Saturday. There are 8 grams of protein in every 8 oz. glass of milk, as well as Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and Niacin, so it’s an easy way to restore fatigued muscles in kids. Building strong muscles is key in playing strong all season long and in the future. I love the portable milk boxes for after soccer games, so I made these cute labels you can download and use yourself.


soccer snack ideas

I used the labels for our snack bags too. Yes, our team is the puppies. Oh so intimidating, right?


Our kids and their friends have loved these grape caterpillars lately. Just skewer green grapes onto a wooden skewers. I used 5 grapes and broke the skewers into halves. Then use white icing to “glue” mini chocolate chips to the end grape. Have you ever eaten cuter fruit? I think not.

Nut free, gluten free trail mix.

Along with the milk boxes, I sent our girls this popcorn trail mix. I’m finding that when you have a group of kids together, you can expect some sort of food allergy. Most commonly a nut or gluten allergy. This mix is great to send to school or sports because it’s safe for both allergies, but still packs protein, fruit and fiber. Simply toss together popcorn, dried cranberries, banana chips, yogurt covered raisins, and roasted pumpkin seeds. There’s no magic ratio, just eyeball it!


I love munching on this mix all day long, but it’s even more fun for kids in butterfly bags. All you need is the mix, clothespins, pipe cleaners, snack sized plastic baggies, and google eyes (optional – you can draw them on too).



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