Join us for my daughter’s beach birthday party filled with ocean themed fun! I hope it helps you plan your own party. 

Last weekend we celebrated my big girl’s 6th birthday. I know everyone says kids grow up quickly. But it really is true. In those trying moments, from learning to nurse a colicy newborn, to two-year-old tantrums, time passes so slowly. But then you blink and that newborn is SIX. We’re now in the “sweet spot” – I’m just now getting used to being able to use the bathroom without someone screaming “MOM” and banging on the door like the world is ending, we can drive in the car for longer than 20 minutes without someone crying, and we can enjoy interesting dinnertime conversations and bedtime stories that our big girl can even help read. Don’t get me wrong, there are still Legos coving the entire floor most of the time and there’s no time for laundry. Side note – if you haven’t yet read “How to Miss a Childhood” by Handsfree Mama, you MUST!

She decided to design her own invitation this year, which I loved. I uploaded her artwork and sent it out through Paperless Post. Easy and eco-friendly!

My mermaid requested an ocean birthday party and we had a lot of fun planning it. As I had to transport all of the party supplies and food to the beach myself, everything had to be simple and make-ahead friendly. Here are all the details:

The Food:

  • Applesauce pouches
  • Edamame hummus from the Yummy Mummy Kitchen cookbook (made 1 day ahead)
  • Peanut Butter & Jam dolphin sandwiches
  • BLTA sandwiches – my daughter’s favorite sandwich. I cooked the bacon 1 day ahead and assembled the sandwiches in the morning.
  • Fruit platter
  • Vegetable sushi. I thought about making it myself. Then I came to my senses and ordered a platter from Whole Foods. Because it was the only pre-made item I used and I saved a ton by making the cake myself, I splurged on the sushi.
  • Sandcastle cake. It’s much easier than it looks, I promise.

The Games!

Pin the Fin on the Dolphin was a big hit! I drew a fin-less dolphin on a piece of foam board and cut out one fin for each child. My girls had fun coloring designs on each fin to make them unique.

Beach optional! You can easily do this fun activity at a backyard or park sandbox.

The kids had to work for their party favors. Before the party I buried little bags of goodies in the sand. Gold coins on the surface were clues to the treasures underneath. As usual, I filled the party favor bags with sugar free items like shell necklaces, rings, bubbles, stickers, and sugar free lollipops.

The most important ingredient for a fabulous birthday party?

Good friends and family!

Family and good friends who love you, of course. A special happy birthday to miss Gwendolyn, pictured above, who also turns six this week!

Happy birthday, my beautiful mermaid.