Five years ago I had a baby girl and my life was forever changed. From the first day she has been spunky, passionate, smart, and loving. This weekend we celebrated her birthday. Her best friends and their parents came over to enjoy the warm last-day-of-summer in the backyard and celebrate.
I popped into Michael’s craft store for a face painting kit. How cute is this pirate!?  The Snazaroo face painting kits are easy and at under $20 much more affordable than hiring a face painter.
Since we are still at the age where parents stay at birthday parties (and we want to hang out with our friends anyway!), I knew there would be more adults than kids. I wanted to be sure the food was kid and grown-up friendly. It was also imperative that most everything could be done the night before, as I can count on exactly 1 hour a day (naptime) to get things done without a 2-year-old crying, “hold me, hoooowed me!” Let me tell you, the pictures may look pretty, but the pre-party was anything but, as I tried to blow dry my hair with said 2-year-old under my arm. Lets just keep things real. All you mammas know what I’m talking about.
One of my favorite sandwiches: layers of roasted eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, and herb goat cheese. Very popular with the moms 🙂 
Some of the lovely girls. Gwendolyn was sporting a “be the good in the world” shirt which is quite appropriate as her family is literally changing the future of pediatric diseases like SMA. We have awesome friends. I love these kids. 
The birthday girl requested egg salad sandwiches. I made some on baguette and some on soft, easy for kids to eat sandwich bread.
The pesto pasta salad with peas, tomatoes, and mozzarella was very popular with the kids, and is also great packed in lunchboxes! My munchkin helped herself to seconds.

The no-candy pinata. I know, I’m the meanest mom ever. I filled the inside with plastic bracelets, stickers, and fruit leathers. The thing about pinatas is, it’s hard to find really cute ones. So I set out to recreate this DIY one and spent a ridiculous amount of time after the kids went to bed hot gluing tissue paper rosettes. My husband and my burned fingers were looking at me like I had lost my mind. Pretty sure they were right.  
To my surprise, the birthday girl requested ice cream “in pointy cones” rather than cake or cupcakes. I loved her idea. One day before the party we dipped the tops of the cones in melted chocolate and sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles. We let them harden on a wax paper lined tray in the refrigerator since it’s been hot. 
Sprinkles, face paint, family and friends, and a huge pink bow on your head. What more could a 5 year old birthday girl want? Happy birthday to my sweet girl! How did 5 years go by so fast?
Easy Birthday Party Menu
Click the links below for the printer-friendly recipes.  
Most of the party supplies (cute spoons, forks, etc. from Sweet Lulu – I love that shop!)