It’s amazing how different two sisters can be. I have one who is all about princesses and pink and jewels and glitter. And another who couldn’t care less about those things. She loves monkeys and silly things and I just love her for that. Miss L requested a sock monkey theme for her 3rd birthday, so here’s what I did… 
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About a month before the party I ordered some adorable sock monkey fabric on etsy. I used a simple “pillowcase dress” pattern to make a birthday dress. If you’re not up for breaking out the sewing machine, there are plenty of sock monkey dresses you can buy here. I also downloaded some sock monkey clip art from etsy and used Photoshop to make party signs. 
Everyone’s favorite part of the party was decorating sock monkeys! This was a fun project that doubled as a party favor. I found white monkeys online and let the kids decorate them with Sharpies. *Please don’t let kids use Sharpies without an adult watching, they will not come out of clothes. 
We served healthy monkey themed snacks. The “monkey tails” are Trader Joe’s Crunchy Curls, which are made out of potato and lentils – kids love them. 
And what’s a birthday without birthday cake?! I made this girly monkey cake the night before the party, because I didn’t want to be scrambling at the last minute and greeting our guests covered in flour and frosting (somehow that always happens to me). We were concerned there may not be enough cake to go around, so I picked up some macarons at the grocery store. Right before the party I realized I could turn them into monkeys, so I drew monkey faces on with food coloring pens (you can find them at craft stores). I “glued” flower sprinkles on with frosting for little bows. I think they’re pretty funny little critters!

I cannot believe my “baby” is three! But three is such a sweet age, I kind of wish I could always have a three year old.
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Sock Monkey Fabric *I got two dresses out of 2 yards of fabric by adding a strip of yellow at the bottom of the dresses 
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