Easy Instant Pot burrito bowls made with cilantro lime brown rice and black beans using the pot-in-pot method. These Chipotle inspired burrito bowls are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free, and make an excellent dinner or meal prep option. 

A white bowl filled with black beans, cilantro lime brown rice, corn salsa, tomato salsa, romaine lettuce, and guacamole sits on a white marble countertop.

As much as I love Italian food, whenever I’m away from California for a couple of weeks I start craving a bean burrito with guacamole. On our way home from Italy last week a Chipotle ad started popping up for their new plant based burrito bowls and I had to have one right away. These black bean and brown rice burrito bowls are inspired by Chipotle, complete with cilantro lime brown rice and fresh corn salsa.

Pressure cooking makes cooking dried beans easier than ever as they don’t need to be soaked like when cooking on the stovetop. One of my favorite uses for the Instant Pot is cooking two things at once using the pot-in-pot method, as I did here with black beans and brown rice all in one pot. These burrito bowls have tons of flavor and are super satisfying. They are one of my family’s favorite nourishing dinner ideas and I hope you love it too.