From main dishes to sides to desserts, over 20 deliciously festive holiday recipes for an amazing vegetarian or vegan Christmas dinner. 


Vegan Christmas Dinner ideas from main courses to sides and desserts. The most delicious vegetarian and vegan Christmas dinner recipes.

Last week while shopping at Trader Joe’s, I overheard two women chatting about hosting holiday meals. They sounded, understandably, stressed. One woman said to her friend, “at least you don’t have to feed the vegans.” Like those who choose not to eat animals are some breed of strange aliens. Her friend laughed that she had gluten-free guests coming, which was “just as bad.” I totally get it. We have family members who are gluten-free, lectin-free, legume-free, nightshade-free, and vegan. Oh my, it can be hard to put together a menu that makes everyone happy!

I wanted to give this Trader Joe’s shopper some ideas for her vegan guests, but refrained. I wanted to tell her that eating vegan or vegetarian isn’t really weird or difficult at all. Everyone eats vegan foods all the time: fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, pulses, grains. Everything from apples to potato chips to Oreos are vegan. And personally, I’m totally happy just loading up on sides when we are at guests’ homes. 

Whether you’re hosting a vegetarian or vegan guest for a holiday dinner, or are 100% vegetarian or vegan yourself, I wanted to help get you started on a menu. I’ve selected a few favorite options in each category: main course, side dish, and dessert. So you can customize your own perfect vegan Christmas dinner menu. If you need even more help this year, Whole Foods has a vegan holiday dinner menu you can order online here and pick up in store. Set out a pot of mulled wine and enjoy.