Classic almond biscotti, or cantucci, made natural and gluten-free thanks to almond flour. Gluten-free biscotti are wonderful dunked in coffee or given as a holiday gift. 

A plate of almond biscotti dipped into chocolate. These healthier biscotti or cantucci are made with almond flour and are gluten free and vegan.

Biscotti, aka cantucci, is one of those foods that always transports me back to Tuscany. We ate them at all hours there. Crunchy and lightly sweet, biscotti are perfect with a morning cappuccino, but are traditionally served after dinner. A small glass of vin santo, a sweet Tuscan dessert wine, is often served with biscotti for dunking. It’s the most wonderful combination of nutty sweetness.

I had been wanting to make classic Italian almond biscotti lately and finally did. These little cookies are easy to make. I love using alternative, less refined, more nutritious flours and realized that almond flour would be perfect in almond biscotti.