This easy edamame hummus recipe is bursting with flavor and vibrant green color. It’s a delicious dip or spread for wraps and sandwiches.

A bowl of bright green edamame basil hummus served with pita chips on a marble countertop. This easy vegan edamame hummus recipe uses no tahini and is perfect as a party dip or in hummus wraps and sandwiches.

A couple of months ago I was on a hike with a girlfriend when she mentioned that she makes the Basil Edamame Hummus from my cookbook nearly every week. I was so delighted to hear this and be reminded of this easy hummus recipe. As a recipe developer, I often work on a recipe until it’s just right and then move on to the next. I hadn’t made this recipe in at least a year or so!

My friend Laurie described this Basil Edamame Hummus as an “amazing flavor explosion in your mouth” and said she uses it as a spread for lunch throughout the week. After this wonderful reminder, I made this bright green hummus for a happy hour get-together. It was a huge hit with my girlfriends, and I hope you try it and love it too.