This easy strawberry lemonade is whirled together in the blender. It’s a naturally pink lemonade recipe made with simple ingredients like lemons and strawberries, and sweetened with sugar or honey. 

Two glasses and a pitcher filled with homemade blended strawberry lemonade sit on a table outside.

With a backyard filled with about 10 citrus trees, we are always trying to use them up. So it’s only natural we’ve shared several lemonade recipes here in the past (see our Lavender Lemonade, Blood Orange Lemonade, and Sugar Free Lemonade). And a few wellness elixirs too (Lemon Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks, Orange & Pineapple ACV Shots, Lemony Detox Water, Ginger Shots, etc.). 

This strawberry version of classic homemade lemonade is one of my favorites. Homemade pink strawberry lemonade is the prettiest color and most refreshing bright lemon flavor with little bits of fresh strawberries. 

Unlike many lemonade recipes that use simple syrup, this one comes together quickly in the blender. Check out this post from the Kitchn for a breakdown of all the ways to make lemonade. They actually suggest making blender lemonade with whole lemons, rind and all.