Whether you’ve gotten a bundle of spring onions in your CSA box or have noticed them at your local market, this is one ingredient you don’t want to miss this spring and summer! Find out what spring onions are and get spring onion recipe ideas all right here. 

One spring onion sliced in half and ready to cook.

Occasionally I like to do ingredient spotlights here on the blog. It’s a great way to get to know a seasonal ingredient better! Spring onions are in season now, and you may have already noticed them in the markets. They look a lot like green onions or scallions, but they are different.

Spring onions are most often found in farmers’ markets, but I can usually find them at Whole Foods too. They may be a little more difficult to find in other mainstream grocery stores. Spring onions add wonderful fresh flavor to salads and sandwiches when sliced and eaten raw, and delicious sweet, savory, and mild flavor when cooked. I  love adding them to the grill at BBQs, roasting for a side dish, or adding to risotto, pasta, and pizza. Let’s look at what exactly spring onions are and some of the best recipes that use them. Plus a current lunch favorite: hummus toasts with charred spring onions!