How tablespoons in a cup,  you ask? The answer is simple but can get more complicated when you want to know how many tablespoons are in a half a cup, a quarter of a cup, or a cup of butter. 

The pandemic has inspired many Americans to cook more of their meals at home. At least 71% of people in the U.S. plan to continue the habit. 

Cooking at home is often more affordable and healthier than dining out or cooking pre-made meals. Plus, it provides a fun creative outlet as well as a sense of accomplishment. 

But when you need to scale a recipe down or your measuring spoons are dirty, you can run into some issues. You might ask yourself things like, ‘how many tablespoons in a cup?’ or ‘how can I cut a tablespoon in half?’. 

Even if math and measurements aren’t your strong suit, we’re here to help. Read on to get the cooking measurements and baking conversions that will help simplify your time in the kitchen.