Lilikoi, aka passion fruit, is easy to turn into fresh juice at home. No need for a juicer with this easy passion fruit juice blender recipe! 

Two glasses filled with passion fruit juice. A halved passion fruit sits in the background on a marble countertop.

While chaperoning a kids’ field trip and chatting with a dear friend from Brazil recently, I learned that passion fruit juice is as popular in Brazil as apple or orange juice is here in the U.S. As passion fruit grows well here in Santa Barbara, I knew I just had to try making my own batch of passion juice. Andrea explained the process for making passion fruit juice at home, and my kids and I have been making it weekly ever since. 

Passion fruit juice is bright, tangy, and tropical. While I do have a juicer for my Beet Detox Juice, Turmeric and Ginger Shots, and more, I love that this juice is made in the blender like our Homemade Apple Cider and all or smoothies