When my sweet 4 year old said she wanted a Hello Kitty party I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Images of a “party in a bag” with matchy-matchy accessories came to mind. I reminded myself that this wasn’t my birthday and went with it. Sans Hello Kitty party in a bag ๐Ÿ™‚
The Hello Kitty bounce house, cupcakes, printed out circles, and a sparkly shirt were all we needed to make it a special Hello Kitty day for my princess! Thanks for all the great comments on my Hello Kitty Macarons – they came out of the freezer and topped our cupcakes. Easy peasy.
Since cupcakes were a must, I tried to keep the other food super healthy. We had PB&J, veggies in cups, veggie wraps, mini quiche, and a cheese plate.