Looking for mind, body, and soul reset? Why not try making your own lunar charged water? Let’s look at what is full moon water, how to make it, and its benefits. 

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The origins of moon water go way back to many different cultures around the world. In Ayurveda, bathing in moon water helps one to absorb the prana (or energy) of the moon. We’ve talked about Ayurveda here in relation to food combining, Chakras, and there’s a recipe for my favorite Ayurvedic dish, Kitchari, in my second cookbook. Wiccans and other pagan magick practices use charged water to cleanse their crystals and tools before a spell or ritual.

Today, many people utilize moon water for various healing purposes. One of the most common ways moon water is used is for manifestation. If you are looking to create your own moon water for manifestation purposes, read on for our recipe. If you’re looking for wellness tonics to drink, you’ll love our Lemon Detox Water Recipes, ACV Drink, and Juicing Recipes

What is Moon Water? 

Moon water is just what it sounds like: water that has been energetically “charged” by sitting in the light of the moon. With the stress and anxiety that most people face today, reconnecting with the moon in this way can be a beautiful way to slow down. 

It is commercially available if you can get your hands on this German bottled water, which is collected during a full moon. It’s apparently a favorite of Victoria Beckham during her wellness retreats but is easy enough to make yourself (for free).

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Healing Mind & Body Benefits

While I haven’t found scientific proof of moon water benefits, there is plenty of scientific proof that mindfulness, meditation, and intention is an important part of wellness. If you’ve practiced yoga, you’ll know firsthand the power of meditation and setting intentions. CorePower teachers often do a great job of asking students to “set an intention” at the beginning of class. Making moon water is a useful tool in setting intentions, manifestation, and creating positive energy. 

Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing systems, means “science of life”, and focuses on living in alignment with nature. It’s no wonder then that seasons, energies, and lunar phases are important in holistic wellness.

Ayurvedic philosophy says that lunar energy can be cooling and help reduce inflammation and reset imbalances. Other benefits of moon water and moon bathing according to Ayurveda include relief from hormonal imbalances, migraines, hives, stress, and anxiety.

The moon has especially been associated with women; specifically our moods and cycles. Therefore, moon water or moon bath rituals may be most beneficial for women, and Ayurveda suggests it may help with fertility. 

To recap, moon water benefits are said to include: 

  • Soothes rashes and hives
  • Anti inflammatory 
  • Supports fertility 
  • Reduces migraines 
  • Calms stress and anxiety
A graphic showing the different moon phases and their meanings in terms of energies.

How to Make Moon Water

You can find out when the next full moon will occur by using apps like Moon Phase. You can make your charged water any time during the lunar cycle, but it should be made between a new and a full moon.

A new moon is said to be a good time to set intentions and cleanse, as it represents a fresh start. A full moon is said to have the strongest ability to charge and embodies the energies of power, success, and goals. 

You’ll Need: 

  • Quart sized jar 
  • Spring or distilled water
  • Quartz crystals, rose petals, lavender, or herbs (optional) 

Fill your mason jar with fresh water. You can also add crystals, such as moonstone, clear quartz, and smoky quartz, as these aid in manifestation. Next, you will want to figure out what your intention is that you wish to set. Spend five to ten minutes in meditation to reflect on what it is you are wishing to call in. After you have your intention, it is time to fuse this into your water.

There are many ways to set intentions. A good option is a visualization. Stare at your jar of water. Concentrating, imagine your intention pouring out of your heart and into the jar. Visualize the colors of your intention, and if there are any other senses attached to it, such as sound or smell.

Once you have felt this intention leave your body and fuse into the jar, seal the jar and place it on a window sill or outside for the moonlight to hit in. Bring your freshly charged water in around dawn. 

Moon Water Uses 

  • Add to a moon bath (see below) 
  • Use in tea 
  • Make ice cubes
  • Water plants 
  • Cleanse crystals 
  • Make a “good vibes” room spray 

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Moon Bath Ritual

Moon bathing is an ancient practice also stemming from Ayurveda. Some resorts have begun offering moon bathing wellness experiences, but it’s easy to create your own at home. A soothing bath is one of the best ways to use your lunar charged water. Here’s how to do it.

  • After you’ve had a drink of your charged water, pour the rest into a warm bath.
  • Have a soothing cup of elderberry or lavender tea
  • Use essential oils or a lavender bath bomb if you’d like. 
  • Dim the lights and turn on some peaceful music. 
  • Soak in your moon bath while focusing on your intention, gratitude, and visualize your goals. 

Other Ways to Absorb Lunar Energy 

  • Lie on a blanket outside under the moonlight 
  • Take a walk during a full moon 
Yield: 1 quart

Moon Water

Prep Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 5 minutes

Learn how to make moon water, an ancient Ayurvedic practice where water is charged with lunar energy, usually during a full moon. This is a beautiful practice in mindfulness, meditation, and intention setting.

Moon Water


  • 1 quart of spring or distilled water
  • herbs, rose petals, or quartz crystals (optional)


  1. Pour the water into a mason jar or other vessel. Add any additions you might like, such as crystals, rose petals, or herbs.
  2. Sit quietly while holding your jar and think of an intention or something you'd like to manifest. Meditate on this for 5 to 10 minutes, visualizing your intention and taking a moment of gratitude.
  3. Cover the jar and set it outside in an open area, or on a window sill that gets plenty of moonlight. Bring the jar back inside at dawn. Your water is now charged with gorgeous lunar energy.


Using Moon Water

Always remove crystals before drinking. Take a sip and then add the rest to tea, to water special houseplants, to cleanse crystals, add to a moon bath ritual, or make a "good vibes" room spray.

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