If you’re into the practice of using crystals for energy work, you may be wondering how to cleanse crystals. Recharging and cleansing crystals is easy to do and there are a few different ways to do this, from the light of the full moon to saltwater, to selenite, to incense or sage smudging. 

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Using crystals in spiritual and healing rituals is an ancient practice where the highly versatile energetic properties of crystals are used to heal, manifest, connect the user to higher vibrations, and open up blocked chakras. Crystals are made up of complex geometric matrices that make them ideal energy conduits. For example, here are 5 Crystals for Anxiety

Cleansing crystals is a crucial step in any crystalline practice or ritual. Ensuring that you are working with a clean slate that is receptive to your intentions and energy is necessary for healing and manifestation. Cleansing crystals unlocks their full potency and potential, enabling you to reap the results of your crystal work faster and effectively!

Why you Should Cleanse Crystals 

Their composition allows them to effectively absorb, cleanse, and release energy at an accelerated pace, unlike any other substance on the planet. Because they are so highly permeable, energy sticks to them like glue. When beginning any work with crystals, it is important that you cleanse them of any lingering energy.

If you consider working with crystals like cooking, you can understand why you might need to cleanse them first – you wouldn’t cook with a mucked-up pot! The old grime stuck to the pot would mix with the fresh food, resulting in a pretty unsavory dinner. In this sense, crystals work the same way, but instead of food, we are dealing with energy! If you are looking to incorporate crystals into your spiritual or self-care routine, here 5 effective ways to cleanse crystals.

How to Cleanse Crystals – 5 Ways

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1. The light of the Full Moon

The power of the Full Moon is incredibly potent. It can have an impact on our moods, well-being, and trajectory for the upcoming weeks. The Full Moon is a culmination of the lunar cycle that ends in a climax, brimming with raw lunar energy. It is ideal for you to release anything that is no longer serving you, as it possesses powerful cleansing properties.

Placing your crystals outside on a Full Moon is sure to remove any lingering negativity from them. Be sure to place them on the ground or on your lawn (wherever possible), as this will ensure that the negative energy will be returned back to Earth to be recycled anew. It is also recommended to remove them no later than an hour after sunrise to ensure their cleansed energy isn’t depleted by the sun’s rays.

You can make a batch of Moon Water at the same time. Check out these New Moon Rituals during the new moon phase. 

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2. Saltwater Bath

If you can’t wait until the next Full Moon, saltwater cleansing is an effective and thorough way to rid your crystals of any energy. Salt is a natural energy-repellent and is often used in protection and purifying rituals.

If you can’t gather a jar of water from the ocean, you can make salt water at home. For this method, place your crystals gently into a container of lukewarm water. Add about a teaspoon of sea salt to the water and let them soak for a minimum of 8 hours.

After their bath, rinse them in clean water and gently pat them dry. Toss the remaining water into the soil so the Earth can absorb the energetic remnants. It must be noted that this method should not be used for certain crystals as it can change their appearance and spiritual properties. Porous crystals and those that contain metal should not be cleansed this way. Stones like pyrite, opal, lapis lazuli, selenite, and hematite should be kept away from salt.

3. Burying them in Soil

Connecting crystals to their source (the Earth) can have profound effects on them. The Earth will begin the process of renewing energy by pulling it from the crystals directly, making this an effective way of cleansing them. In order for this method to work, you should find a spot in your garden that is quiet and undisturbed.

The crystals only need to be buried a few inches deep but be sure that they are covered entirely by soil. Mark the spot in which they are buried and return to them 1-7 days later. Once you have dug them out, rinse them with clean water and pat them dry.

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4. Smudging

Smudging crystals is an effective and non-invasive way to cleanse them of lingering energy. This ancient ritual is used for purifying objects and the space around you. Using a smudge stick of your choice (Palo Santo, Sage, or Rosemary), douse the crystals in smoke.

Just light the tip of the smudge stick and hold your crystals above the smoke plumes so they can receive full exposure. This may be an excellent method to use if your space also needs purifying as smudging will also work to cleanse the environment around you. This is also a great choice for porous crystals, as the smoke is delicate and will not interfere with the structural composition of the stones.

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5. Selenite

Selenite is considered the king of crystal cleansers. It is a unique and powerful crystal that works to magnify the natural energy of the stones it works with and purify them. Cleansing with selenite is simple yet highly effective. It can also work with any type of crystal, making it a versatile option for those with porous or metallic-based stones.

Place your crystals near or on top of selenite for at least 24 hours. This will give the selenite enough time to absorb energy from the crystals around it and cleanse itself.

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Yield: 1 cleansing

How to Cleanse Crystals

Prep Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 12 hours
Total Time 12 hours 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy

If you're ready to use crystals for energy work, manifesting, and healing, the first step is cleansing. Energetically cleansing crystals is easy to do. Here are 5 ways to cleanse your crystals.

A woman's hand holds an amethyst crystal in front of the ocean.


  • Full Moon
  • Salt Water
  • Palo Santo or Sage for Burning
  • Selenite


  • Your choice of crystals


  1. Choose one or more of the 5 cleansing methods described in the article.
  2. Begin using the cleared energy your cleansed and charged crystals for healing, meditation, and manifestation.