Angel numbers! They can be quite the mystery. If you’ve ever wondered “What are angel numbers?” or “Why do I keep seeing angel numbers” you need to read this! 

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Numbers are everywhere around us. We see them while looking at the clock, watching the TV, reading the newspaper, using our phones, and countless other things. But sometimes, we see the same number or a pattern of numbers more often than others. It feels like that number is there everywhere we look. At first, we may think that it is only a coincidence, but that number continues to show up. Strange, right?

Let us explain because there is certainly an explanation for this strangeness.

If you constantly see the same number or series of numbers, it may be more than a coincidence. It could be in patterns of two, three, or more. It may feel like a sign to you, and you are most probably right to think so. In numerology, these are angel numbers that hold a divine message for you from the higher beings. Consider it as the universe trying to communicate with you. As you may know, and we’ve discussed with respect to Chakras, Crystals, the Moon, and more,  everything is energy, and that is just a fact of physics. 

What are angel numbers?

According to numerology, the study of numbers and their meanings, angel numbers are like a coded message for you. All angel numbers have unique sacred meanings. So, the number you are seeing also holds a specific message, and you have to work out what it means.

If you pay attention to these repeating angel numbers and try to understand their cryptic message, you stand to benefit a great deal.

When you set out to decoding your angel number, you will see that it takes knowledge of individual numbers and their meanings to make sense of a number sequence. But once you understand the angelic message, it will help you out in multiple ways.

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?

If you are seeing angel numbers, it means that you are being blessed with guidance from the universe. These numbers come into your life as a form of affirmation and assistance to help you on your journey.

Whichever phase of life you are currently passing through, your guardian angels are well aware of it. They want to make their existence known to you and remind you that you are not alone. Remember that they are divine beings with higher wisdom, so they are advising you through these angel numbers.

Once you learn how to interpret the meaning of the number pattern shown to you, you can unlock this spiritual advice and use it to make your life decisions. Moreover, you can understand your life purpose, your goals, dreams, and soul mission. You will also be able to figure out how to achieve these.

Aside from that, angel numbers are also equipped to help you learn more about yourself and explore who you are. It leads you to unleash your imagination and creativity, and also brings you closer to your emotions.

A hand holds a phone with 11:11 on the screen to show an angel number.

Angel Number Meanings 

Like a formula with different ingredients, angel number sequences all vary from each other depending on their individual components. And all angel numbers come down to the basic nine numbers from 1 through 9.

Let us take a look at their meanings of numbers 0-9. With this knowledge, you’ll soon be able to understand other number sequences such as 1010

Angel number 0

0 represents God and the Divine. When you see 0’s, you know you’re not alone, as God is with you. 

Angel number 111

Angel number 1 symbolizes self-growth and new beginnings and opportunities. You’re moving into a new phase of life, leaving behind the old. It’s paramount that you trust yourself and have faith in your abilities. Also, remember that you have divine support in this new era of your life, so embrace it.

Angel number 222

Angel number 2 has vibrations of balance and harmony. This number wants you to focus on your goals and stay grounded. It also deals with communication and friendship. The angels are encouraging you to make stronger bonds with the people in your life and be diplomatic when need be. When 1s and 2s are combined, such as in the 1122 Angel Number, you know you’re up-leveling your relationship with yourself and others. 

Angel number 333

Angel number 3 is all about ascended masters that resonate for you, be it Jesus, Mary, Buddha, or another past spiritual teacher. It vibrates with optimism, joy, and ascension. It inspires you to look toward the bright side of things and keep on moving forward. It also resonates with wisdom, art, and culture. Also, this number is a symbol of love and luck.

Angel number 444

Angel number 4 is all about your guardian angel. When you see this number, you know they are near to push you to reenergize yourself and start taking action. It encompasses your practicality and determination. This number tells you that progress is progress, no matter how small. So continue having faith; the results will start coming in soon enough.

Angel number 555

Angel number 5 resonates with change, individualism, and the unconventional. It inspires you to be adventurous. Have new experiences and learn life lessons. You have the freedom to live your life how you want to, so make an effort for it.

Angel number 666

Angel number 6 deals with responsibility and selflessness. It asks you to think of others and compromise when required. Hence, this number also represents family life, financial matters, and service to others. The number 6 particularly asks you to stop worrying about your financial situation. Have faith because you are on the path to success and fortune.

Angel number 777

Angel number 7 is perhaps the most reassuring and auspicious. Lucky number 7 arises to show you that you are on the right path. There is incredibly high vibration and Divine energy all around you. This is an excellent time to manifest your dreams. Trust your intuition and psychic abilities.

Angel number 888

Have you been manifesting financial abundance? If so, you might be noticing angel number 8 or a series of 8s. This number often represents financial abundance. Be sure to read the full 888 angel number article to find out how to manifest it! 

Angel number 8 also has vibrations of personal power, inner strength, and self-confidence. Your angels are telling you that you have what it takes to achieve your goals; all you need is self-belief. Moreover, this number is also about how efficiently and ambitiously you do your work.

Angel number 999

On the opposite end of angel number 1, angel number is all about endings. It marks goodbyes and closed doors. It is a sign from your angels that something in your life is about to come to an end. But where one thing ends, another begins. So, don’t lose hope. Also, angel number 9 has strong energies of humanitarianism and self-sacrifice.  

From these basic elements of numerology, you can interpret the divine message your guardian angels have for you. It can take a little practice, but you will quickly begin to understand it. Just follow your intuition and have faith that the universe is on your side. 

Decoding Angel Numbers

Angel numbers don’t just appear as the same number repeated three or four times. You may see number sequences such as 123, and wonder what they mean. You can use the numbers 1 through 9 above to help you understand these signs. For example, 123 signifies moving up a level in terms of self, relationships, and spirit.