If you keep seeing 1122 angel number and want to know the meaning in terms of your personal growth, relationships, and twin flame, you’re at the right place! 

Angel Number 1122 text over a pastel pink and blue background.

Do you keep seeing 1122? Perhaps you’ve seen it a few times before or every day you look at the clock and notice 11:22. Perhaps the 1122 repeats over and over again. What does this mean? Is it a significant 1122 or is it really just a 1 followed by 12 repeating numbers that have been randomly generated from your phone or something similar. 

Like Angel Number 666, and Angel Numbers in general, the 1122 number pattern is a confirmation that angels are watching over you at this time. Repeating numbers may be an indication that your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you. 

1122 can be broken down into several combinations of ones and twos, both of which are powerful numbers. We will look at the spiritual meanings of 1, 11, 2, 12, and 22 to better understand this combination. Number 1122 carries similar meanings to 1212, 11:11, 22:22, and 123, and is a beautiful combination! It can relate to self, others, and even twin flame reunions. 

A phone reads 11:11 on a purple wallpaper.

Angel Number 1 Meaning: Self

When you see the number 1 you know the angels are asking you to focus on your higher self and connection with Spirit or the Divine. You must love and nurture yourself first and foremost. It’s time to look inward, and you can do this through meditation, journaling, therapy, cooking healthy plant-based food, moon rituals, or a walk outside. 

Angel Number 11 Meaning: Self Growth 

We know the number 1 signifies self. When you see 11, it means you’re on the right track to growth and knowing your true and highest self.

You may be in the midst of a spiritual awakening if you start seeing 11 pop up everywhere you look. Spiritual awakenings are often confusing and painful but your angels want you to know you’re on the right path. 

The universe is reminding you that you were born to shine and that you are a divine being having a human experience. Give yourself grace. It’s time to love and believe in yourself and know your power. Raise your vibration for yourself and the greater good. 

Two angel statues on a lawn with the number 22.

Angel Number 2 Meaning: Union

The number two signifies a connection to others and aligning with love. When you see the number 2, the angels are asking you to connect with others in a loving and compassionate way. 

Angel Number 22: Growth in Relationships 

You are at an important point in creating meaningful relationships. Be mindful of creating partnerships with those that support your growth.

You may be ready to take soul or twin flame relationships to the next level of depth. Release anyone that is holding you back or creating toxic energy.

1122 Angel Number Meaning: Connection with Self and Others 

1122 is a sign that good fortune is coming your way- especially where relationships are concerned.

The 1122 number is most significant when it is the date of an event that holds meaning for you and/or where there is a connection with another person (even if unknown). 1122 can also be a gentle reminder to follow your intuition and/or call on your angels. 1122 is symbolic of the energy of oneness, connection, and completion. 

If you’re seeing 1122, it means your angels are acknowledging your spiritual growth and awakening. They are showing you that you’re on the right path to knowing yourself and others more deeply. 

When you see 12 or repeated 1s and 2s, it means that you are on the right track to finding your tribe, whether it’s family, friends, or a soulmate or twin flame. You’re leveling up your relationships from superficial to soul level.

You can support and guide others, and bring light into the world. However, it’s important to take care of your own needs first.

Angel number 1122 is calling you to take a close look at your relationships and consider their purpose. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Sometimes people come in to teach us difficult lessons that help us get closer to our true selves. Some relationships are meant to last a lifetime, while others are just for a season. Release attachment to outcomes and have gratitude for the lessons your relationships teach you. 1122 is a reminder to consider how each relationship you give energy to influencing you and the collective. 

1122 Angel Number Twin Flame Meaning: Reunion

1122 is a good sign if you’re unsure about a twin flame relationship! 1122 is a sign of great things to come in your love life. It is symbolic of the energy of unity- perfect for twin flames or anyone involved in a long-term relationship.

1122 is a number to look for when you have experienced a separation from someone or something. Perhaps you have been in separation from your twin flame and a reunion is imminent. You’ve taken, or need to continue taking, time to work on your own spiritual growth before reuniting. 

1122 is also significant when 11/22 represents the date of an event or experience with another person who had previously been separated from you. 


When you see 11:22 pop up on a digital clock or find the date 11/22 to be particularly significant, this can be a sign from your angel guides. 

1122 is a reminder to focus on your relationship with yourself and with others. The relationship with yourself is most important and critical for forming true loving bonds with others. It’s time to cherish the true friendships and love and release anyone that is not serving your greatest good. 

You are becoming your highest self in order to connect with the Divine and to have meaningful relationships in love, friendship, and family.