Each New Moon is a time to cultivate fresh ideas, set intentions, and bring forward new beginnings. It’s believed that as the moon goes through the lunar cycle and becomes more illuminated, so will our intentions. We can set the tone for our next month by creating a New Moon ritual that is tailored to our needs and personality!

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The New Moon takes place about every 28-30 days; it happens when the sun and moon align which then blocks our view of the moon. It’s a time where self-reflection is encouraged, and new goals are initiated. We can consciously create a ritual that will not only amplify our intentions but will help us align better with the potent energy swirling around this time in the lunar cycle.

Below will be 5 ritual ideas to help you consciously create with the next new moon. You can implement all of them or pick and choose your favorite! There are no wrong answers when creating your new moon ritual, as long as you’re creating space for new goals and intentions, that is all that matters.

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Our Connection with the Moon

It’s hard to deny the effect the moon has not only on us but on our planet. Think about it, the ocean responds to the moon twice a day. As the moon gets fuller, the tides and waves often get stronger. The moon’s gravitational pull also has a direct effect on humans because we are made up of mostly water. This is especially true for women, who operate naturally with the cyclic nature of the moon.

Before our modern society, women would rest and reflect during the new moon because it often symbolized the time of their bleed. Now, in our masculine-dominated society, women are expected to keep the same rhythm all month long, even though their bodies naturally don’t.

Regardless of our masculine constructed society, we should still follow the cyclic nature of our bodies and the lunar cycle. It’s a powerful way to remain in flow with mother nature and co-create with her.

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Create Your New Moon Ritual

As mentioned above, the new moon is all about reflection, creation, and new beginnings. Flow with the feminine energy of the moon by implementing one or all of the rituals below.

1. Prepare a Sacred Space

One way to make way for the new moon energy is by cleaning your space. You can do this by dusting off your altar, throw away any junk around your house, washing your bedsheets, or clear out clutter from drawers and closets. If you feel called to deep clean your home during a new moon, you can do this as well.

You can then cleanse your now clean sacred space with herbs or incense to remove any stagnant or unwanted energy. This will give you a clean environment both energetically and physically.

2. Take a Bath

Since the moon has such a powerful connection with water, what better way to harness its energy than immersing yourself in a special bath. Water is also a way to symbolize washing away anything old or bad to make way for something new.

A ritual bath is a way to take care of yourself and also reflect on what you want to release and bring into this new moon cycle. You can also infuse your bath with essential oils, herbs, flower petals, and Epsom salts. Salt especially is a great way to remove negative energy and cleanse any impurities.

Put some music on, grab your journal if you want, and immerse yourself in the warm, sacred bath.

3. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to sit in stillness and do reflection. After you’ve cleansed your space or taken your bath, you can fully relax in a meditative state. This is the time to allow yourself to rest and listen to the inner callings of your mind and soul.

In meditation, take note of the thoughts or ideas that resurface. These could be things for you to release with the new moon, they can be ideas you want to bring in. Whatever thoughts continue to come up, take a moment to reflect on each one.

You may also find new moon meditations on YouTube, or you can create your own using frequency music. Meditation is a great way to gauge where your head is at and alleviate any worry or tension. Assess your 7 Chakras and release anything that is not serving you. 

For a moving meditation, try yoga. Here’s a New Moon Yoga Sequence on Youtube. 

4. Create Moon Water

Moon water is exactly what it sounds like, water that has been energetically charged by the moon. You can set out a bowl or bottle of water outside or on your porch so that it can soak up the energy from the moon. You can also add crystals to amplify the energy of the moon water.

Before placing your bowl or bottle outside to bask in the moon’s energy, you need to set an intention. You can combine this with meditation if you want, but the important thing is to sit with your intention for a few minutes to program the water. From here, you can set your water out and collect it around dawn.

5. Write in your Journal

One of the best ways to solidify the intention you set with the new moon is by writing them down. Journaling is a great way to reflect and create without judgment from others, it’s all between your pen, you, and your paper. Here are 30 Shadow Work Prompts to get you flowing. 

Ask yourself questions such as: What is holding me back from my full potential? What do I need to let go of? How am I feeling at this moment? What experiences do I wish to have this next month?

This will help you align with the goals or ideas that you put out into the universe. Journaling is a great way to reconnect with your heart center and make sense of the thoughts swirling around in your head.

Harness the Energy of the Next New Moon

With each new moon, you can come back to this article to create a ritual that will help you manifest new beginnings and reflect on your current life path. You can complete the same ritual every time or change it up depending on your needs.

The moon is always here, allowing us to co-create with her beautiful energy. Create a new moon ritual that feels right for you!

Yield: 5 New Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty Easy

Want to know how to manifest new beginnings? Try one of these new moon rituals to help set positive intentions and release what no longer serves you.

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  • Journal 
  • Moon Water
  • Yoga Mat 
  • Bath 
  • Crystals 
  • Incense 
  • Herbal Tea


  1. Choose one or more of the new moon rituals described in this article.
  2. Set intentions, envision, and feel exactly what you'd like to manifest for new beginnings.
  3. Release what no longer serves you.
  4. Inhale the new, exhale the old.