If you follow me on Instagram you know I have an addiction to green smoothies. It all started with an innocent trip to Whole Foods one Saturday. The girls stayed home with Daddy which meant I was all alone in this magical place. No screaming for cookies, no knocking over expensive bottles of wine. The juice bar guy said the Green and Glowing Smoothie was their most popular green smoothie, so I tried it. I was blown away by just how good it was and my solo shopping trip was now perfect. It didn’t taste at all like greens or salad. It just tasted sweet and creamy. I quickly became a “regular” there and they knew what I was going to order. At this point I realized I better start making my green smoothies at home or I would soon be going broke.

My munchkins love this green smoothie too and I can’t think of an easier way to get a big serving of raw greens into their diets. If your kids are reluctant, it might help to give it a fun name like Tinker Bell Smoothie or Monster Smoothie.
 Even my husband who initially said “yuck!” at the sight of my green smoothie changed his tune once he tried it. So if you haven’t gotten on the green smoothie bandwagon yet, try this sweet and mild one. I think you’ll be hooked. 

Green Smoothie Recipe
printer friendly recipe 

Makes 1 smoothie (or 2 kid sized)

1/2 cup vanilla almond, soy, or coconut milk (I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
1 cup frozen pineapple pieces
1 cup frozen mango chunks
1 big handful fresh baby spinach

– add a small container of yogurt for added protein and calcium
– add a scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder (I don’t do this for kids)
     Add 1 tablespoon of any of the following:
– chia seeds
– flax seeds
– natural flaked coconut
– peanut or almond butter

Pour milk into a blender. Add pineapple, mango, and spinach. Cover with blender lid and blend to combine. If blender stops turning, add a little more milk. I like to add a couple of ice cubes to make the smoothie very cold and icy. The fruit makes this smoothie sweet, but if you would like it sweeter, add a dash of stevia.

calories 195
carbs 40
fat 2
protein 3
*calculated by my fitness pal

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