Coffee filters are so much fun for all sorts of arts and crafts projects. I am loving this coffee filter bunting I just stumbled upon on Pinterest. And these fluffy roses! We had some jumbo coffee filters in our craft supplies, but you could use regular sized ones for this project. I think they would look so cute strung into a garland. You could decorate them further by gluing on some sequins. The girls had a lot of fun making these and they’re easy to make using a few grocery store supplies. 

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs 
1 package of coffee filters 
crayons for resist, optional 
watercolor paints, liquid food coloring, or markers and water (we used liquid watercolors which produce brighter colors) 
Draw an egg shape on filters. Cut out egg shapes. If using crayons, have kids draw designs on the eggs.  Wherever crayon is used water will resist. Either color on the egg with markers or paint over with paints or diluted food coloring. If using markers, paint over the whole thing with water so that the colors bleed together. Lay eggs out to dry. Decorate more or hang up!