Here are just a few of the things that have been going on over here this week. I am so excited to share a few new recipes with you early next week – they’re goodies. Until then… happy weekend! 
1. Princesses. Last weekend we attended a sweet 5 year old princess birthday party. What little girls and boys don’t love dressing up as princesses  and princes? We brought a homemade gift that would also make a great holiday gift. To make Princess Playdough, use any playdough recipe like this one, and jazz it up with food coloring and glitter. Adding a cookie cutter or little rolling pin makes a cute gift. My princesses had a lot of fun making the dough for their friend. 

2. Elf on the Shelf. Oh how this little guy cracks us up with his mischievous antics. Every night he is into something else. Fishing, making photocopies of himself… what next? Both of these ideas came from others on Pinterest, where Elf ideas abound. Please leave me a note if you have some funny Elf ideas for me to try out! 
3. Running in the rain. If you want to really feel alive, just go on a 30 minute jog on a rainy day. I hadn’t done this in years, but it felt so so good. 
4. The Honest Company. We are almost out of the diaper phase in our house, but I am loving The Honest Co. and their all natural but cute baby and household products. I’m sure all the moms out there are saying, “Finally! Cute diapers. And they they won’t leave any chemical-y smell or gel beads on my baby!” Both those qualities can be hard to find. How cute is this snowflake diaper?!
5. Things I Want to Make: 
Spiced Persimmon Turmeric Tea from Gourmand in the Kitchen (turmeric is incredibly good for you)
Lovely Salted Caramel Sauce from Always with Butter 
Peppermint Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies from Sweet Treats and More