Our tiny peeps I introduced to you in May here, recently grew their big girl feathers and were ready to move from our guest bedroom under a heat lamp into the coop.  And we were so ready to have our room back and wipe the layer of dust off the furniture!
 We didn’t end up with this dreamy coop mansion –
 But got a smaller one from Ware, which our local feed store recommended. It seems small to me, but I suppose it’s okay for the chickens to sleep in when they are playing outside all day.

The girls seem to be very happy to be outside, but they are still too small to free range around our property. There is too much wildlife living around our house for them to be safe until they are full grown. Including Red Tailed hawks like this one. We love them for keeping the rodent population down, but don’t want them hurting our chickens. I’ve had it happen. It took about 1 minute for me to spot one for a photo:

Yesterday we added 2 more teenage chickens to our “flock”. We had seen this one with a crossed beak at the feed store. The feed store simply could not sell her because no one wanted a “special needs” bird. All that’s required to care for a chicken with a crossed beak is a little beak trim every so often to make it easier for them to eat and drink. Of course we took the sweet girl home. We are keeping the 2 new chickens in a separate pen while they girls all get acquainted. There is about a 2 week age difference between the first chickens and the new ones.


 In 2-3 months we will have beautiful blue and brown eggs fresh from our backyard.