Print this sheet of silly lunch box jokes for kids plus get a new lunch box sandwich idea. This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic. All opinions are my own. 

Free printable lunch box jokes for kids with a colorful packed lunch including cucumber cream cheese sandwich roll-ups.

Now that we’re almost through September I feel like we’ve gotten back into the groove of a school schedule. I’m so proud of how well both of my girls are doing this year. It has been the first year without tears at drop-off, which feels so good. Both of my girls have new students in their classes this year who have struggled, however. Starting a new school can be so hard for little ones. I though this was a great teachable moment for my kids to learn how to be good friends. I really believe that teaching kindness is more important than most academic lessons at school.

Download and print this sheet of silly lunch box jokes for kids.

I made a printable sheet of jokes for kids that we can tuck into lunch boxes. These sillies are a great ice-breaker for new kids.

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich roll-ups easy and delicious.

One of the sandwiches my daughter has been enjoying most the past few weeks is this herbed cream cheese spread and cucumber pinwheel sandwich. It’s so simple, and reminds me of the traditional cream cheese and cucumber English tea sandwiches, but with a fun rolled-up twist. To make them, all you need to do is use a rolling pin to flatten your favorite sliced bread. This works best with the crusts cut off first. Add your spread of choice (hummus or cream cheese spread work well) and top with very thinly sliced cucumber. Leave about an inch on one side of the spread to seal the roll-up. Roll from the short end, slice, and pack!

Planetbox lunch box with cucumber cream cheese sandwiches, Horizon Organic snacks, and printable jokes for kids.

My kids are still enamored with the novelty of school hot lunch. I, on the other hand, prefer to pack their lunches. One way I entice them into the idea of lunch from home is by sending some of their favorite kid treats. Horizon Organic fruit snacks and crackers always work! My kids love the cute shapes and I love the organic ingredients that are free of artificial colors and flavors. I also love their #AllForWeird campaign, because silly and weird is good!


Free printable lunch box jokes for kids.