Our kitchen is currently in an “in-progress” state. When we moved into our home a few years ago, we painted the cabinets, replaced hardware, and had new appliances installed. I’m still saving up to tear out the wall between the kitchen and family room, replace countertops… you know, the minor things. In the meantime there has been a glaring simple kitchen update I was not even thinking about – the kitchen sink faucet! 
A few months ago Pfister faucets contacted me about partnering, and I had that “aha” moment after looking at their website. Pfister sent me the Ashfield faucet and it has made a huge difference to in both the aesthetic and the functionality of our sink area. I don’t know why I didn’t make this simple and relatively inexpensive update right when we moved in! The quality of the faucet I received is incredible. The top pulls down to reach wherever I need a spray, and one of my favorite features is that it can angle and continue to spray hands-free so I can scrub those tough-to-clean pots. Okay, I lied, my favorite feature is how much prettier it looks than the boring old faucet that had probably been there since the 80’s.

If you’re in need a little kitchen spruce up, add a nice faucet to your Christmas list. 

The kind folks at Pfister are giving one Yummy Mummy Kitchen reader a choice of faucet up to $300 in value from their website, PfisterFaucets.com

Good luck! 

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