Addicted. I am utterly addicted to these. And I’m not even a huge banana lover, but when you add chocolate and a frosting-like peanut buttery center, something magical happens. I made these for the girls, but the poor loves only got one or two apiece. Because I tasted one. Just to make sure they were okay, and then I just… couldn’t. stop. Before I knew it almost all of these peanut butter filled chocolate covered banana bites were gone. Time to make more. It’s amazing how the simplest things are often the most delicious. These are like little bonbons, only much healthier. And tastier too!

Peanut butter + Greek yogurt + stevia = gultless frosting. You won’t need all of this for the banana bites. But you will want the extra. If you don’t love stevia, sub your favorite sweetener. 
Yes, I know my pan needs a good scouring. I’ll get to that right after situations like this one stop happening. Now go make some of these and see them magically disappear. 

Frozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Banana Bites Recipe 

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makes about 25-30 pieces

1/4 cup smooth peanut butter
1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
1/2 teaspoon Stevia (or desired amount of your favorite sweetener)
2/3 cup chocolate chips
1 tablespoon coconut oil (optional)
2 bananas, sliced crosswise into 1/4″-inch pieces

Place peanut butter and yogurt in a small bowl and stir together. Stir in the stevia. Transfer to a sandwich bag and snip a small corner off.

Place chocolate chips in a medium glass bowl set over a small saucepan with 1-inch of simmering water. Stir until chocolate has melted. I stirred in a tablespoon of oil to thin the chocolate.

Coat a mini muffin pan with cooking spray. Spoon a teaspoon of melted chocolate into the bottom of muffin cups. Place one banana slice on top of chocolate and squeeze about a teaspoon of peanut butter mixture on top. Cover with another small spoonful of chocolate. Alternatively, top banana slices with the peanut butter mixture and then coat with chocolate and place on waxed paper. Place mini muffin pan (or waxed paper) into the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

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