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Healthy and Simple Coconut Ice Cream Recipe {Vegan}

After we opened that coconut, we enjoyed some of the flesh plain, but got a little bored with it. I threw some left over pieces in the food processor with some coconut milk, agave syrup, and stevia, and voila - I had a healthy ice cream recipe. Yummy Hubby, who happens to be a major coconut lover, said this was way tastier than ice cream store coconut ice cream. This ice cream is surprisingly creamy considering it has only 4 ingredients and is dairy-free. Some chopped chocolate chunks or crushed pineapple would be delicious added to the mix! What would you add? 

Recipe after the break! 

Healthy Coconut Ice Cream
Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook time: 4 hours (freezing) Yield: about 3 cups

  • 1/2 cup coconut flesh pieces (Click here to find out how to open a coconut)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (you can add a few drops of coconut extract if you want it very coconuty!)
  • pinch of sea salt 
  • 1 (15-oz) can light coconut milk (I used Trader Joe's brand) 
  • 2-3 tablespoons agave syrup (or 2T agave and 1 packet stevia) 

  • Instructions: 

    Place coconut pieces in a food processor or heavy duty blender and process until finely ground. Add vanilla, salt, coconut milk, and agave syrup and process to combine. 

    Transfer mixture to an ice cream maker or freezer-safe container. Freeze according to manufacturer's instructions or until ice cream is frozen but still slightly soft. This ice cream becomes very hard once deeply frozen and is best enjoyed slightly softened. 

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