Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello Kitty French Macarons!

Our little big-girl is turning 4 this month. Somehow she had the idea she wanted a Hello Kitty themed birthday party. I think it was the Hello Kitty bounce house that caught her eye while perusing the jumper web site :) While I'm not going all-out on this party and it's going to mostly be our regular group of Friday happy hour mommies and kids,  a girl's got to have some fancy treats on her birthday, right? I'm sure I'll have some pictures for y'all after the party, but was so excited about these cute little Hello Kitty French Macarons, I just had to share them with you. I wish I could take credit for this darling idea, but I first saw Hello Kitty Macarons on the blog i heart baking

 French macarons can be a little tricky, so this is not a project to attempt the night before a party. My first batch went straight into the trash. Okay, so maybe a few went into my tummy too. They tasted fine, but were lumpy on the top. No big deal for your everyday round macs, but not acceptable for a cute little Hello Kitty face! The problem was that I had under folded the meringue mixture with the almond flour mixture. You have to completely incorporate the two so that they flow in a ribbon from a spatula (but not too fluid either!). Don't worry too much about deflating the egg whites. 
To make the Hello Kitty shape, pipe circles of batter onto parchment. Then there are two ways to make the ears. One, you can use a toothpick to immediately draw out some of the batter into two points. Two, and the way I found easier, pipe two points with your pastry bag. You must have the right size tip to use this method however. About .5" round tip. 
 Use food coloring pens to draw the faces on your kitties. These pens can be found at craft stores and most larger grocery stores in the baking aisle. This turned out to be a very fun activity for the birthday girl who loved drawing faces on some of the kitties! 
As usual, I used Martha Stewart's French Macaron recipe, so I'll send you her way if you're ready to make your macs. I made a vanilla buttercream for the filling. 

Into the freezer these cuties go until next week! 

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  1. Marina, these are the cutest macaroons, EVER!!! My daughter would love these.

  2. OH MY WOW! Those are the cutest cookies I have ever seen! Seriously, WOW! I am super impressed and I bet they tasted fantastic. Great work!


  3. oh my gosh those are adorable!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness these put such a smile on my face!
    Oh they are terribly hard to make, I would never attempt it, yours are so

  5. These are adorable! I know that macarons are not easy to make, and when you add this Hello Kitty design-wow!

    A very happy birthday to your daughter.


  6. seriously these are the cutest things EVER! your creativity never ceases to amaze me. xoh

  7. I have never seen a cuter cookie in mu life. You need to get some sort of best mommy of the year award for these. Your daughter is a lucky lady---Happy Birthday!

  8. Oh Marina!!! You are a woman aftewr my own heart!!! LOVE these!!!!! I can't waitt ill my daughter is big enough for these

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  10. These are SO adorable! You are one talented mama.

  11. Your daughters are extremely lucky.. such beautiful and cute hello kitty macarons. Although I have never been a hello kitty fan growing up, but your macarons might have just change my mind. I feel the pain just sinking my teeth into such beautiful macarons. LOVELY!! Hugs,Jo

  12. Adorable, I bet ou had such a fun time making these too!!! Macaron's are temperamental to begin with.

  13. Oh my word, Marina! Your Hello Kitty macarons are Adorable, with a capital A! I haven't even been able to produce a suitable round macaron, much less Hello Kitty:) I'll have to give Martha's recipe a try, when I am ready to attempt them again.

  14. Those are precious!!! Hello Kitty is all the rage right now...I've seen her everywhere. :) Thanks for the visit today. :)

  15. Absolutely adorable and really too cute to eat!

  16. OMG... If my nieces saw this page, I'm going to be in trouble! Yep... your Hello Kitty! Macarons are too kawaii to eat :'-( The Ribbon hearts is brilliant idea too :-) Thanks for sharing the idea ...yumm...yumm...yummy mummy! Ganbatte!

  17. Wow, so cute and adorable. My kids will have fun preparing and eating the kitty macarons. Thanks for sharing.

  18. the kitties are so cute, this is fun to make, I'll enjoy this. thanks for sharing.

  19. My favorite thing you have made to date! Pinning this now!

  20. Oh my- could they be any cuter? I love! Macarons are delish but even better when they are hello kitty! Your little girl is so lucky!

  21. Oh my goodness! I'm a chick way too old to be having a Hello Kitty obsession but there it is. These are ADORABLE!!!!

  22. I love Hello Kitty...I especially like Choco-Cat who is another character in the cartoon series. Those are really cute cookies and I'm wondering if you can make Baxter Bunny macarons?!

  23. My little girl just turned 4 too - isn't it amazing how much of a big girl they seem? Like, we can have actual conversations now! :)
    Have a super fun party - those are the cutest creations ever.

  24. great job marina, they look great! thanks for linking to my post too :) love your blog, and by the way my kids are 3 and 1 also!!!

  25. Wonderful. You did a great job. Cannot wait to see the whole post about the big event!

  26. Cutest Macaron ever!!! Brilliant! Your daughter must be really thrilled =)

  27. They are just adorable!!!

  28. Marina these are thee absolute CUTEST things I've ever seen!! Awesome job!!

  29. Oh my goodness I absolutely love hello kitty so these are just beyond the cutest. I actually tried to make macaroons and I have no idea what I did wrong because they all cracked :/


  30. I absolutely LOVE these!!!! :)

  31. so cute .. i like to some .. thanks for sharing ..

  32. Marina, not only are these ingenious ~ they are beyond adorable! You did such a GREAT job. Kudos to you, and thank you for sharing! xo

  33. I like your Blog and pics! your Kids are so cute! I'm following your Blog & FB! I hope your visit! Happy Day!


  34. Love this tutorial. Link it up to our Party Tutorial Contest for a chance to win some fabulous prizes:

  35. They are absolutely adorable! I wish my kids were younger again to have an excuse to make them. Just saw your hello kitty party. Such lucky children indeed! Looks like you had a blast, too! :-)

  36. Oh! I'e been seeing a lot of pictures like these on tumblr. Now i know wherethey came from! Those looke very delicious and yummy!
    Btw do you mind if i share something to you. It about hello kitty :D

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    Have a good day and Happy Blogging

  37. These are just the cutest idea ever! I am definitely going to have to try these for my girls :-)

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  40. I love this idea! I'm gonna try to make these:) Thamks

  41. hanni8:00 PM

    wat do u use to stick the hearts onto the macaron? royal icing? buttercream?

    1. Hi hanni, I used vanilla buttercream :)


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