healthy halloween treat
Halloween week is upon us and it’s sure to be a busy week. We still are uncertain about costumes – my littlest pumpkin usually changes her mind about her costume until the very minute we are leaving the house. It’s a good thing that with two girls, our costume bin is pretty full. I’ll be baking pumpkin muffins for both my girls’ classes on Friday and getting ready for Halloween fun on Saturday, so I wanted to leave you with one last healthier Halloween treat idea. The girls loved these cute spooky jack-o-lantern and ghost fruit cups. They are incredibly simple and filled with vitamins. I topped ours with a little fresh whipped cream. 
Boo! For a ghost, I placed one gluten free gingersnap from Trader Joe’s at the bottom, then topped with a dollop of coconut whipped cream, bananas, peeled apples, and piped a whipped cream ghost. Those little candy eyes are made by Wilton. 

 Draw jack-o-lantern faces on small plastic cups with a sharpie. I really don’t like to encourage the use of disposable plastic, but for a party I don’t see any other way. For your kids at home you could use glass jars. 

I used tangerines and cantaloupe for the pumpkins, but you could use mango as well. Mint sprigs and half a gingersnap make my pumpkin stems. Aren’t these cute?
What are your favorite healthier Halloween ideas? Let me know in the comments! Happy Halloween, everyone! 
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