5 healthy lunch ideas to fill your lunch box. 
kids lunch ideas 
It’s Lunch Week on YummyMummyKitchen.com! Kicking it off with healthy lunchbox ideas, then we’ll have my favorite lunchboxes and lunch packing supplies, and my current mama-lunch wrap obsession. 

School starts this month. Are you feeing ready? I’m not quite there yet. And as for Costco carrying Halloween costumes already, that is just not okay. When August rolls around I always have this feeling that I haven’t accomplished enough… not enough beach days, not enough reading practice, OMG I didn’t teach my 4 year old to ride a bike yet!!! One fall-ish thing I did do… I bought a new lunch box. I’ve had my eye on a PlanetBox for over a year now and finally got it. I am loving it, and I do think it’s worth the price. But I’ll have a post of my favorite lunchboxes and lunch packing supplies up tomorrow. For now I wanted to share some ideas for healthy kids’ lunches. I think all moms struggle with what to pack at 6:30 am. It’s got to be easy, but you don’t want the dreaded full lunchbox coming home either. Here are 5 ideas to get you started… 
1. See above photo. My kids love a salad with fresh corn kernels, chopped tomatoes, and black beans. It’s got protein and lots of veggies. I added Trader Joe’s flax rice crackers, strawberries, apricots, and yogurt raisins. I love that the PlanetBox facilitates such variety. planetbox hummus wraps 
2. Hummus roll-ups. My preschooler loves these wraps. Sometimes I add other things like shredded carrots and lettuce or cucumber, but she likes them plain too. 
3. Seed butter and jam, strawberry and sunflower seed salad, Annie’s cheddar bunny mix. 
4. Sushi bento! You could of course make your own sushi, and here’s how we do it, but I picked these rolls up from Whole Foods. 
planetbox_3 copy
5. Breakfast for lunch. Greek yogurt, granola, boiled egg, berries, cashews and stevia sweetened chocolate chips made by Lily’s Sweets. 
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