Whew! I just finished a mini pantry makeover and my pantry ingredients look so much nicer in canning jars labeled with washi tape than they did in plastic bags. Ingredients like these usually come home with me in bulk-bin plastic bags or pre-packaging.Which means there is a high likelihood the ingredients will spill out, they are touching  plastic – no BPA thank you very much, and they could quickly go rancid once the package is opened. 
I’ve always loved vintage blue mason jars, but they’ve been hard to find. Until now. Recently I’ve spotted new “vintage” canning jars for sale! Wondering where to buy blue mason jars? Cost Plus World Market has a few sizes, and Ball has just come out with a Heritage Collection. I couldn’t resist grabbing some both times I found them. My favorite thing to do with these jars is use them as casual flower vases. Remember last year’s summer dinner party? I also like to use them for drinks and office supplies.  
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When Yummy Hubby noticed the pile of canning jars in the laundry room he gave me the “do you even have a plan for all these jars?” look. So I figured I had better get to work. The jars seemed like a great solution to the many bags filled with ingredients and clamped haphazardly, lentils spilling out, with a funky plastic “chip clip” in our cabinets. I’ve used the pop-top plastic food storage containers in the past, but they can get expensive, and I prefer to use glass anyway. To label the jars I used washi tape and sharpies. 
Do you have any fun ideas for jars or pantry organization? Next I think I need some cute baskets for snacks. 
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