How to make a

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

When I first went vegetarian I didn’t use any alternative “meats”.

And while that’s still how I eat most of the time, there are more and more amazing plant-based meat and dairy alternatives popping up on the market.


I love the patties from Field Roast and  Trader Joe’s.

Vegan Breakfast  Sausage

If you’re vegetarian you could of course use a fried or poached egg here. However, tofu makes a great egg alternative.

Vegan Egg

Tofu isn’t necessary to make a delicious vegan breakfast sandwich. Just Egg is another great option and perfect for scrambling for breakfast sandwiches.

Breakfast Sandwiches Without Tofu

Vegan cheddar can now be found in both shreds and slices, and either works here. I love Miyoko’s and Parmela’s.

Plant-based Cheese


Cook the sausage patties according to the package directions. I used Field Roast patties.

While the vegan breakfast sausage and tofu cook, toast the English muffin with cheese on one half.

The muffins and egg/sausage should be done in about the same amount of time.

Next, assemble the sandwiches! Avocado and greens are optional but tasty.