- Homemade -

Pita Chips

Homemade pita chips are so easy to make!

Just 5 or 10 minutes in the air fryer or oven and they are baked to crispy perfection and ready for hummus and other dips.

Homemade pita chips are so much tastier than store-bought, and take just a few minutes to make.

You can make the sweet with cinnamon and sugar, or savory, with sea salt and/or other seasonings like za’atar.


Cut the pita bread round into 8 triangles.

Step 1:

If possible, separate the layers so that you have 16 triangles.

Step 2:

Coat the triangles in cooking spray and your desired seasonings. Spread them out in a single layer so that they crisp up evenly.

Step 3:

Pita Chip Seasonings

Sea Salt


Garlic & Herb

Cinnamon Sugar