The viral Nutella puff pastry Christmas tree is fun and easy to make. It makes an excellent Christmas breakfast or dessert. Learn the best way to make this special holiday treat. 

A puff pastry nutella Christmas tree dusted with powdered sugar on a cutting board decorated with faux Christmas tres and puff pastry stars.

If you’re looking for a simple yet impressive Christmas dessert, the viral sensation Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree is the perfect choice. This delightful creation not only adds a touch of festive charm to your table but also satisfies your sweet tooth with the irresistible combination of flaky puff pastry and luscious Nutella. 

The holidays are all about creating cherished memories, and what better way to do that than by gathering around the kitchen to whip up a delightful Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree? This recipe is not only a showstopper in terms of presentation but also incredibly easy to make. We highly recommend making one for Christmas parties or Christmas morning breakfast. 

Because we try to limit refined sugar, we are using no-sugar-added chocolate hazelnut butter. We will share some other swaps for different dietary restrictions as well. 


A box of Pepperirge Farm puff pastry, Good Good nutella, egg wash, and powdered sugar on a marble countertop to make a puff pastry Nutella Christmas tree.

You’ll need just a handful of simple ingredients โ€“ puff pastry, Nutella (whether store-bought, homemade, or no-sugar-added), egg wash, and a dusting of powdered sugar. 

Puff Pastry – The Flaky Foundation: The star of our Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree is undoubtedly the flaky, buttery puff pastry. This versatile dough is a lifesaver during the busy holiday season, as it provides a shortcut to achieving that perfect pastry texture without the need for extensive preparation. You can even use it for savory appetizers like this Vegan Spinach Artichoke Wreath!

Whether you choose to make your own or opt for the convenience of store-bought puff pastry, the result is a golden, crisp layer that forms the base of our festive creation. Choose vegan or gluten-free if desired. 

You’ll need to let your pastry dough thaw before using, but it won’t take more than 40 minutes at room temperature. 

Nutella – The Heart of the Tree: A puff pastry tree could be filled with many things! In our case, Nutella takes center stage, bringing a rich and velvety texture that complements the layers of puff pastry. We use Good Good chocolate hazelnut butter which is keto and very low in sugar and carbs. 

Egg Wash – A Shiny Finish: To achieve that golden-brown perfection on the outside, a simple egg wash does wonders. This final touch not only adds a glossy sheen to the puff pastry layers but also helps them bake to a beautiful crispness. The egg wash is the secret ingredient that ensures your Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree looks as good as it tastes, making it a picture-perfect centerpiece for your festive table.

Dusting of Powdered Sugar: To bring a touch of snowy winter magic to your Christmas tree, a gentle dusting of powdered sugar is the finishing flourish. Like snowfall on evergreen branches, this simple addition enhances the festive atmosphere, creating a visually stunning dessert that captures the spirit of the season.


A cute puff pastry Christmas tree filled with Nutella on a parchment-lined baking sheet with faux Christmas trees for decoration.

  • Large Baking Sheet: Ensure you have a spacious baking sheet to accommodate the size of your Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree. A large sheet provides enough room for the puff pastry layers to expand.
  • Parchment Paper: Line your baking sheet with parchment paper to prevent the puff pastry from sticking and to ease the cleanup process. This simple addition ensures a smooth baking experience and helps maintain the integrity of your beautiful Christmas tree shape. A silicon baking mat also works. 
  • Pastry Brush: A pastry brush is instrumental in applying the egg wash that gives your Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree its golden sheen. Choose a brush with soft bristles to evenly coat the puff pastry layers, ensuring a beautiful and appetizing finish.
  • Powdered Sugar Sifter: To achieve that enchanting snowy effect on your Christmas tree, a powdered sugar sifter is a must-have. This handy tool allows you to delicately sprinkle powdered sugar over the finished dessert, mimicking a dusting of snow on festive branches.
  • Star Cookie Cutter: If you’d like to top your Christmas tree with a star, use a small star cutter. 

How to Make a Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

A Nutella puff pastry Christmas tree on a baking sheet in a marble kitchen before going into the oven. The Christmas tree branches are twists. Cut out puff pastry stars are around the tree.

Assembling your Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree is a fun and straightforward process. Follow these general instructions to create a stunning dessert edible tree. 

Here’s an overview of how to make it: 

  1. If using store-bought puff pastry, follow the package instructions for thawing. If making your own, ensure it is rolled out to the specified thickness. Lay it on a parchment-lined baking sheet or cookie sheet.
  2. Take a generous amount of Nutella and evenly spread it over the surface of the puff pastry. Cover with another sheet of pastry dough. You’ll be trimming the edges. 
  3. Cut the puff pastry into a Christmas tree shape. Start at the top center and gradually cut down to each side, leaving a trunk at the base. You can use a template or freehand the shape based on your preference.
  4. Cut and twist “branches,” then coat the tree with egg wash. 
  5. Bake and dust with snow! 

A woman's fingers pull a twist off of a puff pastry Christmas tree filled with Nutella and dusted with powdered sugar.      

FAQs – Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

1. Can I make the Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree ahead of time?

  • Yes, you can! While the dessert is best served fresh for optimal flakiness, you can prepare it in advance and store it in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 24 hours. 

2. How do I reheat leftovers?

  • To reheat leftover slices, use a toaster oven or regular oven at a low temperature to maintain the crispness of the puff pastry. Be cautious not to overheat, as it may dry out too much. 

3. Can I use a different spread instead of Nutella?

  • Absolutely! While Nutella adds a delightful hazelnut-chocolate flavor, you can experiment with other spreads like almond butter, chocolate ganache, or fruit preserves to suit your taste preferences. 

4. Can I make this recipe with gluten-free puff pastry?

  • Yes, you can substitute gluten-free puff pastry to make a gluten-free version of the Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree. 

8. How should I store leftovers?

  • Store any leftover slices in an airtight container at room temperature. If the slices lose some crispness, you can briefly reheat them in the oven before serving.

9. Can I make a vegan version of the Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree?

  • Absolutely! To create a vegan-friendly version, choose a vegan chocolate hazelnut spread or make a homemade vegan Nutella alternative. Swap the egg wash with a plant-based alternative like almond milk or soy milk. Many puff pastry brands are naturally vegan so just check the ingredients list. 

A close up photo of the branches of a Nutella Christmas tree made with puff pastry and dusted with powdered sugar.

The holiday season can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on creating delightful treats. A Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree is a testament to the fact that elegance and simplicity can coexist in the kitchen. With minimal ingredients and straightforward steps, this dessert allows you to focus on what truly matters โ€“ spending quality time with loved ones.

This recipe is a great option for a Christmas morning breakfast or a festive holiday dessert. 

@marinadelio 3-ingredient Puff Pastry Nutella Christmas Tree! Accidentally ordered 8 jars of no-sugar chocolate hazelnut spread so HAD to make the viral Nutella Christmas Tree ๐ŸŽ„ Nutella puff pastry Christmas tree is fun and easy to make. It makes an excellent Christmas breakfast or dessert. I love the pull apart branches – perfect Christmas party recipe. It is easy to make gluten free or vegan too. INGREDIENTS 2 sheets puff pastry (1 box) 6 oz. Nutella (or other chocolate hazelnut spread)* 1 egg Powdered sugar, for dusting . #viral #nutellachristmastree #puffpastry #puffpastrychristmastree #holidaybaking #christmas #viralrecipe #christmaspastry โ™ฌ R o c k i n A r o u n d C h r i s t m a s T r e e – phoebe โ€ข 90k

Yield: 1 Tree

Nutella Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes

A festive puff pastry "Nutella" Christmas tree is fun and easy to make. Bake up a Nutella tree for a holiday party dessert or Christmas breakfast.

A Nutella filled puff pastry Christmas tree on a cutting board dusted with powdered sugar.


  • 2 sheets puff pastry (1 box)
  • 6 oz. Nutella (or other chocolate hazelnut spread)*
  • 1 egg
  • Powdered sugar, for dusting


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F.
  2. Roll one sheet of puff pastry into a large rectangle on a piece of parchment paper. Spread the "Nutella" over the puff pastry sheet. It doesn't need to go all the way to the edge. One sheet of puff pastry dough covered with Nutella.
  3. Roll the second piece of puff pastry dough into another large rectangle the same size as the first. Place it on top of the Nutella. Two rectangular sheets of puff pastry dough with Nutella in the middle.
  4. Use a knife to cut a triangular tree shape, with a trunk at the bottom, into the puff pastry. A ruler can help create straight lines. Use a cookie cutter to cut stars out of the scraps, if desired.Puff pastry cut into a tree shape on a baking sheet.
  5. Very lightly score two vertical lines from the edge of the trunk to the top of the tree where the center (trunk) will be. Cut horizontal, approximately 1½-inch wide, lines from the outer edge of the tree to the scored lines. These will be your branches. Horizontal lines have been cut into the puff pastry Christmas tree dough to create branches.
  6. Twist the branches once or twice. One branch of a Nutella Christmas tree is twisted before baking.
  7. Carefully transfer the parchment paper with the tree to a large baking sheet. Whisk together the egg and 1 tablespoon of water. Brush the egg wash over the tree.
  8. Bake until golden brown, about 12-15 minutes.
  9. Dust with powdered sugar and enjoy!


  • Gluten-Free Option: Use gluten-free puff pastry.
  • Vegan Option: Use vegan chocolate hazelnut spread. Pepperidge Farm puff pastry is vegan.

Thaw your puff pastry completely before using.

We wanted even more "Nutella" with our tree after baking and recommend serving more in a small bowl on the side if you find this.

We used Good Good brand choco hazel spread as it has no added sugar. Feel free to use any spread you like.