Are you looking for an apple sweetness chart to use for apple season? Look no further. We are covering the most popular types of apples, ranking their sweetness, and going over how to use them from baking to snacking. 

Green apples on a backyard apple tree.

I love fall for many reasons (who isn’t excited for pumpkin recipes), but one of my favorite things about autumn is that it’s apple season. Sure, you can get apples year-round, but they are at their peak when the summer winds down and the weather cools off. 

If you’ve ever been apple picking, or just to the local supermarket, you know there are heaps of varieties of apples to choose from. Would you be shocked to know there are more than 7,500?

So how are you supposed to know which one is the best sweet apple? Which one is best for eating raw? Which one is better if you like a tart flavor? 

If you want the best sweet apple, you’re in the right place. Those are my favorite kind too. With that in mind, I have created a handy apple sweetness chart to help you determine which are best. 

And if you want a tart apple, I can help with that too. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know with this apple sweetness guide that will tell you the best apples for your desires. 

How Does an Apple Sweetness Chart Work?

An apple sweetness scale is super nice to have when you’re trying to find the best apples for your tastes, whether you need a snack or you want to bake a pie. 

Apples are ranked on their sweetness based on their Brix levels, or the amount of sucrose in 100 mL of water. Apples that have more sucrose will rank higher on the scale because they will taste sweeter. 

The Brix scale is used to measure the sweetness of a large variety of produce, but it’s especially helpful when determining how sweet an apple is. Most apples rank between 11 and 18 on the Brix scale.

Use my chart when you go to the apple orchard or the grocery store to find which available variety best suits your tastes. 

Check out the apple sweetness ranking of several common varieties below. 

1. Fuji Apples

Here’s another variety of apple that is readily available in supermarkets. Its sweet taste comes from its low acidity levels, which allow the natural sugars to be the start of the show. 

If you love fall as much as I do, you’ll be happy to know that Fuji apples are some of the best for dipping in caramel and eating on a stick. They also work well in fresh coleslaw and when baked into pies, cookies, or bars. 

2. Gala Apples

Gala apples are great because they are abundant during the fall and they have a fresh, sweet flavor that makes them perfect for slicing and eating fresh. 

This variety of apple is also ideal for cooking with. In fact, it might be one of the best sweet apples for baking. It works well in tossed green salads, as well as holding up in pies and cake, or turned into applesauce

3. Ambrosia Apples

As the name implies, this is another sweet apple that you’ll love. The word itself means “food of the Gods.” I bet you’re dying to try one now, aren’t you?

Ambrosia apples are an ideal choice for eating fresh. They have a buttery texture and sweet flavor that make them a great snack.  

4. Honeycrisp Apples

On the apple sweetness scale, Honeycrisp apples rank right up there. They have a crisp texture that perfectly complements the juicy flavor. 

Use Honeycrisp apples as a snack or toss them in a fall salad. They also work wonderfully for baking so give them a try in coffee cake, muffins, or pie. 

5. Kiku Apples

Perhaps not as well known as other varieties, the Kiku apple has a delightful sweetness that makes it an ideal choice for eating fresh. 

A variation of the Fuji apple, this version is delicious all by itself, but you’ll also love each sliced dipped in peanut butter. It’s also a terrific addition to fruit salad. 

6. Golden Delicious Apples

If you’re looking for an apple that isn’t the classic red color, here’s what you’ve been looking for. The Golden Delicious has a pleasantly mellow sweetness and a creamy texture. 

Use them in salads or for snacking. Or try them out in pies or whip up a batch of homemade applesauce to eat all through the autumn season. 

7. Red Delicious Apples

Perhaps the most iconic of apples, the Red Delicious is a sweet version that is super easy to find and really simple to work with. 

Unlike some of the other apples on this list, the Red Delicious doesn’t hold up as well to cooking. Instead, chop it up and add it to a fall fruit salad. Or simply enjoy everything it has to offer on its own. 

8. Opal Apples

With its unique yellow coloring, the Opal apple will stand out on grocer’s shelves and at the farmer’s market. It has a soft, but crisp texture that goes with its understated sweetness.

If you like Honeycrisp apples, you’ll love the hints of pear and banana that you get with this one. Use Opals for eating fresh as they don’t hold up as well for cooking. 

9. Autumn Glory

Could the name of this apple be more perfect for fall? This sweet apple has undertones of cinnamon, so it’s a definite must-have if you’re looking for the flavors of autumn.

As you can imagine, the cinnamon undertones make this the perfect apple for baking with. But it’s just as delicious when used to make cider or as a snack.

What if You Prefer Tart Apples?

At the other end of the sweetness scale are tart-flavored apples. Many people have an affinity for their taste as well. 

The good news is that there are plenty of options. Like the sweeter apples on this list, tart apples are wonderful for many uses and will really jazz things up in your kitchen this fall. Read more about them below. 

10. Lady Alice Apples

If you want a bit of a sweet taste, combined with a zing of tartness, opt for Lady Alice apples. Their crunchy bite complements the mixture of sweet and tangy that you get with each bite. 

Use Lady Alice apples in pies for a really outstanding way to showcase the apple in a tasty treat. They also work well fresh so toss a few into a spinach salad or a fresh fruit smoothie. 

11. Jonagold Apples

It’s fairly easy to find Jonagold apples in the fall, both in stores and at farmers’ markets and apple orchards. That’s great because they have a tart flavor that is followed by a dose of sweetness that can’t be beat. 

Use them for snacking – they taste great with peanut butter. Or dice them and use them to make pies and muffins. They are also the ideal choice for making cider.

12. Cameo Apple

The Cameo apple is another slightly sweet, but tart apple that works well in salads and baked goods. It’s crunchy its sweet and tart flavor combination balances well without one overtaking the other. 

The Cameo apple is great for freezing so it’s a good choice to use when you’re making cider or applesauce that you want to have on hand all through the fall season. 

13. Kanzi Apples

If you’re looking for a perfectly intense taste, you’ll find it with the Kanzi apple. This apple is described as “sweetly tart,” by the Washington Apple Commission. 

So if you want something a bit different, this is the one I suggest you try to find. You can’t go wrong eating a Kanzi apple on its own, but you’ll also love the flavor it brings to salad, cider, and baked goods. 

14. Braeburn Apples

They aren’t as prevalent as some kinds of apples, but Braeburns are usually abundant in the fall. They have a robust flavor that is both sweet and tangy, with just a bit of spice.

That makes them the most wonderful option for pies that taste like fall has finally arrived. But you’ll also love using them to make sauces, muffins, cake, and salad. 

15. Granny Smith

When it comes to tart and tangy, you can’t go wrong with a Granny Smith apple. These green apples have a pleasant crunch that tastes great and works well for many purposes, even freezing.

Sliced Granny Smith apples are perfect in a salad with spinach and walnuts, as well as for making pie and other delectable baked goods. 

Choosing Apples

A large factor when you’re choosing apples is your personal preference. You’re more likely to eat the apple and reap its health benefits if you like the way it tastes. 

However, if you’re looking for something new, this apple sweetness chart will help you find the perfect apple for your fall kitchen needs, whether that’s a crisp salad or a decadent pie. 

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