Lilikoi, aka passion fruit, is easy to turn into fresh juice at home. No need for a juicer with this easy passion fruit juice blender recipe! 

Two glasses filled with passion fruit juice. A halved passion fruit sits in the background on a marble countertop.

While chaperoning a kids’ field trip and chatting with a dear friend from Brazil recently, I learned that passion fruit juice is as popular in Brazil as apple or orange juice is here in the U.S. As passion fruit grows well here in Santa Barbara, I knew I just had to try making my own batch of passion juice. Andrea explained the process for making passion fruit juice at home, and my kids and I have been making it weekly ever since. 

Passion fruit juice is bright, tangy, and tropical. While I do have a juicer for my Beet Detox Juice, Turmeric and Ginger Shots, and more, I love that this juice is made in the blender like our Homemade Apple Cider and all or smoothies. Don’t miss our beautiful list of Exotic Fruits

A large bowl filled with wrinkled ripe purple passion fruit sits on a marble countertop.

What is Passion Fruit? 

Also known as lilikoi (especially in Hawaii), this golf ball sized fruit has a purplish shell that’s very wrinkly when the fruit is ripe. Tart, tropical, and citrusy in flavor, the fruit is made up of crunchy black seeds and a jelly-like pulp. The fruit grows on climbing vines with the most beautiful large white or purple flowers. 

Passion fruit can be quite expensive, so if you live in a sub tropical temperate climate (like California, Hawaii, or Florida), I’d highly suggest planting a couple of vines. Learn about growing passion fruit here. If you’re in Santa Barbara, the best price I’ve found is at Mesa Produce or the farmers market. This fruit is a fantastic addition to our Tropical Fruit Platter

A beautiful close-up photo of halved passion fruits.

How to Cut & Eat Passion Fruit

Cut the fruit in half crosswise or lengthwise. My kids slurp the pulp and seeds straight from the “boats” but I’d recommend a spoon. The pulp, seeds and all, can be eaten straight, used in desserts and other recipes, or blended into smoothies. We’ve used them before on our Lemon Crepes. Personally I don’t enjoy the seeds, which makes juicing one of my favorite ways to use this fruit. 

Passion fruit pulp and seeds inside a Vitamix blender to make passion fruit juice.

How to Make Passion Fruit Juice 

Start with a lot of passion fruit, as each one only has a small amount of pulp. For this recipe we are using 20, though you could use as few as 5-10 for a smaller amount. 

Scoop the flesh and seeds right into a blender and add water to help blend. Blend on the slowest setting possible so that the pulp is becomes as fine a puree as possible while the seeds don’t disintegrate. 

Passion fruit juice is poured through a fine mesh sieve into a glass jar. This is how to make passion fruit juice.

Once the pulp has been as finely pureed as possible, pour through a fine mesh sieve set over a bowl or glass jar. Use a spoon to press the puree through as needed. Discard the seeds, and add sweetener and more water to taste. 

Crystal glasses filled with homemade passion fruit juice garnished with passion fruit (lilikoi) seeds and fresh mint.

Using Passion Fruit Juice 

Store your homemade passion fruit juice in quart-sized canning jars or a large pitcher in the refrigerator. Enjoy over ice, mixed with sparkling water, or in cocktails or mocktails. Passion fruit juice is also great: 

  • for making passion fruit sorbet 
  • in passion fruit salad dressing 
  • homemade passion fruit syrup 
Yield: about 2 quarts

Passion Fruit Juice

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes

Learn how to make fresh passion fruit juice with this easy blender juice recipe.

Passion Fruit Juice


  • 20 passion fruits
  • 7 cups filtered water
  • organic liquid stevia or agave, to taste


  1. Cut each passion fruit in half, taking care not to spill the juices out.
  2. With a spoon, scoop the passion fruit flesh and seeds into a blender.
  3. Add 3 cups water and close the blender lid. Set blender to the lowest setting and blend, at about 20 second intervals, until the flesh is pureed into a juice. The seeds will break, but be careful not to blend so much that they become finely ground.
  4. Pour the juice through a fine mesh sieve into a glass storage container/pitcher/jar and discard the seeds.
  5. Stir in as much water as you'd like to thin the juice.
  6. Whisk in stevia or agave to taste. Passion fruit is very tart, and some like it that way, while others prefer sweetening it up quite a bit.


Feel free to halve this recipe.

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