From flowers and succulents to heirloom pumpkins, don’t miss these easy and beautiful fall front porch ideas!

Heirloom pumpkins, kale, and pansies make a beautiful and colorful fall front porch.

Oh fall… I just love this time of year. Over the weekend my family decided it was time for a mini makeover for our front porch. Though my fall front porch is far from perfect, it’s definitely an improvement! We had so much fun shopping and decorating that I thought I would share a few fall front porch ideas. Though I usually go for muted neutral colors, this year’s fall front porch is a bit more colorful. I love the purple and green kale the most, and the way it compliments the orange pumpkins. I mostly stick to recipes here, but I enjoy sharing and browsing these pretty home posts too – I hope you don’t mind .

mums are perfect for a fall front porch

I picked up most of this year’s fall porch decor from Orchard Supply Hardware. I got the pumpkins at Trader Joe’s, which seems to be the best price.

Here’s what I picked up:

  • pansies
  • several varieties of mums
  • kale
  • several varieties of pumpkins


Tips for creating a beautiful fall front porch:


  • Choose items of varying heights. I would still like something taller at the back. Perhaps some corn stalks. (why didn’t I grow corn this year!) I placed the jumbo potted mums closest to the door and the smaller plants and pumpkins in front.
  • Decide on a color scheme. Are you going with an all white, neutral, or colorful look?
  • Add props such as baskets or wooden crates to stick potted flowers in or prop up.

Mums, lanterns, pumpkins, and more fall front porch ideas and inspiration.
Mums like the big pink ones here are in season this month and very common on fall front porches. Scary Halloween decorations really aren’t my thing, but I am all about the beautifully natural plants like pumpkins and autumn flowers. This project took me about 20 minutes and very little skill, but made a big difference to our front porch. Next I’d like to get a new welcome mat, that’s well, more welcoming!

Pumpkins topped with succulents make a beautiful and easy fall centerpiece!

Last year we made these succulent pumpkins as table centerpieces. They would be lovely on the front porch and are so low maintenance. A huge bonus for those of us who tend to kill our plants. Succulent and air plant pumpkins have a very California vibe to me. On the other hand…

A beautiful fall front porch in New York City.

I’ve been swooning over this snap my friend Aimee of The Healthy Apple took of her NYC neighbor’s porch. It’s SO New York.  Follow Aimee on Instagram – she’s a great source of health and wellness information. And now I’m dreaming about the fall leaves and crisp weather I imagine New York gets in the autumn.

This welcome painted pumpkin is so cute as part of an autumn front porch.