Find out how to make a succulent pumpkin centerpiece. Fairytale pumpkins topped with succulents and moss are beautiful for holiday tables or for giving as a Thanksgiving hostess gift. 
succulent pumpkin centerpiece for an easy Thanksgiving table

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on! Though I’m not hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner this year, I wanted to share an easy Thanksgiving centerpiece idea. This Thanksgiving centerpiece is incredibly easy to make, natural, and will stay fresh for the whole month or longer. You can make the pumpkins now and forget about it, or add some little vases of flowers to the table the day before Thanksgiving. These succulent and air plant pumpkins would also make such a great hostess gift. Not only do they look pretty as part of a Thanksgiving or fall tablescape, these succulent pumpkins are also darling sitting on a front porch. Pumpkins are the perfect organic planter for succulents or air plants.

I first learned about air plants about a year ago and love using them in both inside and outside decor. Succulents are pretty low maintenance, but air plants are even easier to care for. Like their name suggests, they get their water from the air! I spritz my air plants with a mist of water once a week and they have been thriving. The amount of water air plants need will vary depending on your climate. Humid locations will need less water, while dry areas will need more. If the tips get crisp and brown, they need more water.

Making these succulent and air plant pumpkins is easy. Air plants can be placed onto containers or glued to trees, wreaths, driftwood… wherever you would like them! Since these big beautiful pumpkins don’t require any cutting, they won’t rot before the end of the holidays, and they are the perfect perch for air plants and/or succulents.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fairytale pumpkin. I found mine after Halloween at the local fruit and veggie stand on sale for $3. Our Trader Joe’s also has some. Choose a pumpkin that dips down in the center so you have room to fill it with your plants.
  • Air plants and/or succulents. The best prices I’ve seen on air plants was at Orchard Supply Hardware. Our local nursery had some amazing rare air plants that were a bit more pricey. I pulled a few succulents from our garden.
  • Moss
  • Hot Glue Gun

How to make your succulent/air plant pumpkin centerpiece:

Glue a handful of the moss down to the top of the pumpkin. Arrange the plants on top of the moss. Glue to secure the plants, as needed.

How to care for your air plant/succulent pumpkin centerpiece

This is what makes this Thanksgiving centerpiece so great. Unlike flowers that wilt and die within a week, these centerpieces will last. To water the plants, mist with a spray bottle or mister once every week or so.

I love that there is very little waste with this project. After Thanksgiving I’ll pull the air plants off the pumpkins and add them to my air plant wreath. The succulents will go back into the garden.

I made this air plant wreath by using wire and hot glue to attach the air plants to a grapevine wreath from Michael’s. I tucked some moss in between the branches. I love that it’s a living wreath that’s so hardy.

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