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It’s the day after Thanksgiving and that means the start of the holiday shopping season. I’m cozy in my holiday jammies doing some online shopping for my girls. My favorite gifts for my kids are natural, non-toxic, fun learning toys. Here are some of my favorite natural and creative learning toys for kids. What are you getting the little ones in your life this year? 

Melissa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set
A set of natural wood blocks is my #1 must-have for preschool and early elementary age kids. When I learned how toxic and hormone disrupting many plastic toys are for kids I threw out the cheap plastic blocks and got a nice set of wood blocks. Not only are they more natural than plastic, they simply feel better in your hand while building and look a lot nicer in a pile on your living room floor, where ours have lived for several years. I love these architectural blocks.
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Magna-Tiles  will keep your kids entertained and learning for hours. My daughter asked for a set of these last year after enjoying them in preschool. Magna-Tiles teach children shapes, encourage creativity, critical thinking, develop fine motor skills, and even math (I need 4 right-triangles to make a pinwheel). Magna-Tiles do not contain any BPA, phthalates, PVC, latex or toxic materials.

I love that there is a natural play dough available now. I have made my own in the past, but I am giving this set to my kindergartener this year. 

I have long been a travel lover. Travel opens our eyes to different ways of life and helps us appreciate this amazing world. Little Passports brings the world to your doorstop with monthly boxes that include letters, souvenirs, activities, and more. I haven’t tried this one yet but plan to try it this year. 
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Kiwi Crate
My kids get so excited when Kiwi Crate shows up. Perfect for ages 3 and up, these monthly boxes are filled with everything your kids need for an fun project. You know those rainy days when you run out of fun ideas? Kiwi Crates are perfect for those days. 
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Toysmith Nature Kaleidoscope Kit
This looks like such a fun kit for kids. I always loved how magical looking through kaleidoscopes seemed as a child.

Lunastar Pinki Naturali Nail Polish, Little Rock, 0.25 Fluid Ounce
My girls are always asking to paint their nails or get a manicure. Most nail polish and nail polish removers are incredibly toxic. No surprise after getting a whiff of a nail salon, right? Thankfully there are a few natural nail polish options. This one is peel-off, so no nail polish remover is needed. I’m adding a couple of these to my shopping cart for stocking-stuffers.

Eeboo Ice Cream Matching Game

I play this darling memory game with my girls all the time. It’s fun for all of us and a great way to get a little brain exercise. The thick matching ice-creams are so cute.