Hello! Welcome to YummyMummyKitchen.com. I’m Marina – mommy to two amazing little girls, wife, and creator of yummy recipes. I started this blog in 2009 as a way to document and share my favorite recipes with friends. I’ve had so much fun connecting with you bloggers, mommies, and foodies from all over the world. Thank you for reading and for all of your nice comments!

Basically what it comes down to is that I like to make stuff. For as long as I can remember I loved crafts, baking, and photography. In high school, art class was my favorite. (I was also a foodie nerd who spent weekends reading cookbooks and Zagat guides). At Westmont College I earned my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and art. I spent a semester of college in Florence, Italy studying Renaissance Art History, taking cooking classes, taking pictures, and searching for the best gelato in town. I went on to teach elementary school and children’s art classes; baking, painting, sewing, and crafting when I had time. Cooking had always been one of my favorite forms of art.

After starting my own family, cooking became the art form I was most passionate about, and a necessity. I have made cooking homemade meals for my family a priority and had fun creating healthy dishes that are easy and beautiful. The girls love cooking with me, and I love that they are experiencing how wonderful it feels to create something delicious. Cooking makes me happy – like a Yummy Mummy 🙂

Aren’t they the cutest?

Not long after I started Yummy Mummy I submitted a recipe to Cooking Light’s Ultimate Reader Recipe contest. I was shocked when my recipe was one of 12 chosen out of 5,000. I had a blast cooking in the magazine test kitchens in Birmingham even though I didn’t win the grand prize. Really truly amazing to get to go behind-the-scenes at a magazine like that and spend a weekend with the editors.

Since then I’ve had more recipes featured in Cooking Light and other media, like The Martha Stewart Show, Saveur.com, Gourmet Magazine Online, Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn, and more. I also write for Food & Home Magazine.

Teaching my kids to respect and appreciate real food and where it comes from is important to me. So we talk about what to buy and cook each season and the girls help me cook it.

Oh, and we have a small backyard flock of chickens too. Some we have rescued. They are so sweet and teach our kids and friends about compassion for animals.

Our family enjoys a healthy lifestyle. Running, pilates, etc is my other me time and makes me a happier, and in turn better mom.

What is a Yummy Mummy, anyway?

Yummy Mummy is a British term for an attractive, stylish mother. In my definition, however, a Yummy Mummy is a loving and dedicated mother who embodies a healthy lifestyle, while not losing a sense of the person she was before having kids. A Yummy Mummy laughs off spit-up down the back of her shirt and smashed Cheerios at the bottom of her purse. She holds onto her style and grace even with small children at home and in the most unglamorous times. A Yummy Mummy is not a high-maintenance mom. It does not mean weekly manicures, grocery shopping in stilettos, or nannies. It has nothing to do with money or perfection; it’s an attitude. It’s about putting the kids first, but taking care of herself and finding a balance in what can feel like chaos. Putting on a coat of mascara and lip gloss takes just a minute and makes us feel beautiful or “yummy.” Similarly, a simple meal can go from boring to special with just a little effort. A Yummy Mummy knows that adding a touch of glamour to everything: self, home, meals, and entertaining, makes life more fun and it’s a special way we can take care of ourselves and our families. Modern moms can be both Mummy and Yummy, and it doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.

Yummy Mummies need a strong support system of other Yummy Mummies with whom to share the highs and lows of parenting (I got that phrase from my favorite parenting non-profit, PEP) and take them out past their bedtime on their birthday.

Wanna meet the original Yummy Mummies in my life? That’s my lovely British grandma (now 92 and still a Yummy Mummy) and my mummy.