A delicious brunch menu you can make ahead of time. 
Homemade Coconut Granola
A few months ago I had the honor of making brunch for about 20 lovely ladies as a fundraiser for our school. My friend and amazing personal trainer, Erin, hosted the event at her home and taught a Foundation Training class before brunch was served. Foundation Training is something I plan to incorporate into my fitness routine. The idea is that gravity is constantly pushing our bodies down, and our sitting lifestyle doesn’t help either. Foundation Training strengthens and lengthens upwards against gravity. Since I was was brining the food to Erin’s house (and I really wanted to participate in the class myself) everything needed to be made ahead of time. 
brunch menu
This menu is perfect for an Easter brunch. You can make everything early and then actually get to spend time with your guests. 
Quiche for Brunch
I made two quiches and then reheated them at Erin’s house. I can’t find the exact recipes I used, and mostly I just winged-it, so I’ll share other quiche recipes at the end. Avocado, Pecan, Pomegranate Salad with Maple Vinaigrette
A quick and easy salad. I mixed the delicious Maple vinaigrette together the night before. Don’t add avocado until right before or it may turn brown. 
Healthier Banana Blueberry Muffins
My favorite Banana Blueberry muffins. Granola Parfait Bar
One of my favorite parts of the brunch was the Granola Parfait Bar. I set out a jar of my Tropical Granola from the Yummy Mummy Kitchen cookbook, with fresh berries and plain Greek yogurt. So easy and so fun. 
Brunch Menu 

What are your favorite brunch recipes?