healthy valentine's recipes
vegan cheesecake
Valentine’s Day is this weekend! It’s such a fun time to celebrate love and pink and hearts and did I mention love?  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite heart recipes in case you’re in need of some healthy Valentine’s Day inspiration. Or just some eye candy. Sugar makes me feel absolutely awful and makes my kids a little nutty, so these recipes are all free of refined sugar. And that means you can have more than one. 
From the top, drum roll please… 
1. Valentine Avocado Toast. I posted this one on Instagram, not here on the blog yet. I simply cut pretty pink and purple radishes into hearts by cutting a “v” into the top and then slicing vertically. 
2. Fry an egg in a piece of toast with a heart shaped cut-out. 
Enjoy my loves! What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?