Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf. Free printable Elf on the Shelf notes included. 
elf on the shelf ideas
We’re well into the second week of December and starting to run low on creative Elf on the Shelf ideas. Our girls are 3 and 6 and completely enamored with our little elf friend. I know this phase, so full of wonder and belief in Christmas magic won’t last long, so we are trying to have as much fun with it as we can. But… there are many nights I finish putting the girls to bed, washing the dishes, maybe getting around to a shower, that elfin creativity is the last thing I’m feeling. I’ve been so thankful for my friends posting their elves’ antics on facebook to give me some inspiration. If you’re like me and could use a few more Elf on the Shelf ideas, here’s the mischief our little guy has been getting into… 
1. Pictured above. Daily piano practice is just more fun when an elf asks.

Keep reading for the rest of the Elf ideas and the Elf Notes printable! 

elf arrival
2. The Arrival. On Thanksgiving my husband went for his long bike ride. When he got back he casually mentioned to the girls that he felt something strange on his back, and felt especially quick, while riding home down the mountain. The girls’ jaws dropped when he turned around and they saw the elf in his cycling shirt pocket. 
elf on the shelf seeds
3. My friend Kaeley posted this idea on facebook and I loved it so much I had to do it with the girls. It’s a 2-day project. On day one, your elf leaves “Elf seeds” aka tic-tacs, and a note instructing the kids to plant them in bowl of sugar. The next morning baby candy canes have sprung up! 
elf on the shelf candy cane
4. Who wouldn’t want to swing from a chandelier from candy canes? 
elf on the shelf printer
5. Elf making copies of himself. I think I found this idea on Pinterest. It cracks me up every time. 
elf on the shelf
5. S’mores elf! Another idea my friend Kaeley posted on facebook. I thought it was hilarious and had to copy. Dollhouse furniture is great for elves.
elf on the shelf ideas on yummymummykitchen.com
6. Loom Band Elf! Our 6-year-old loves making these popular rubber band bracelets. And she is sure she is the only one in the house who knows how to make them, so she was amazed to find our little elf had made his own band bracelets in the night. *Hint: elves can learn to make band bracelets by watching YouTube tutorials. 
7. Animal elf parade. 
elf gingerbread
8. There’s no denying elves like sugar. This guy stuck in the gingerbread house reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Elf Mail

Elf on the Shelf printable notes:
It’s fun to leave little notes from your elf or Santa. Feel free to print this page of notes I made. Click here to download.

What are your favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas?