Is it normal to go into complete nesting mode right before school starts? Like when you’re having a baby and everything has to be perfect and in order? There are some big changes happening over here. For the first time ever, we’re entering elementary school. That means school FIVE days a week for our big girl. In the past the girls have been in preschool just a few morning a week. I know she is ready to be a big kindergartner, but am I ready? Ready for waking the kids up early, sticking to a strict schedule, homework, packing lunches every day…
My kindergarten nesting this week manifested itself in creating a space for hanging backpacks (she has a backpack! Not just a little lunchbox – a full blown backpack!) We picked up a few supplies at the craft store and the next day had cute and inexpensive chalkboard wall hooks. And my kindergarten nesting was satisfied. For now. Here’s how to make the DIY chalkboards. 
We got 3 wooden frames at Michael’s on sale for $1 each, chalkboard paint and white craft paint, and a few hooks from the hardware store. I removed the glass and backs of the frames. My helper and I painted the frames white, and the backs of the frames with the chalkboard paint. 
DIY Framed Chalkboard Hooks 
  • wood frames (found at craft stores) 
  • 2 craft paintbrushes 
  • chalkboard paint
  • craft paint for the frame (any color you like) 
  • wall hooks (can be found at hardware stores) 
  • chalk
  • screwdriver  
  • frame mounting hardware 
  1. Lay newspaper over your work surface – it’s going to get messy. 
  2. Remove the glass and board backing of your frames. Discard the glass or store it for later use. 
  3. Paint the front of the frames with the craft paint. 
  4. Paint the board backing with three coats of chalkboard paint, allowing 30 minutes of drying time between coats. 
  5. When all paint is completely dry, place chalkboard painted board into the frame. 
  6. After the chalkboard paint has “cured” for 24 hours, rub a piece of chalk over it and wipe off. This will season the board so when you write/draw for the first time it doesn’t become permanent. 
  7. Use a screwdriver to attach hooks to the frames. Our screws were longer than the frames, so we screwed them right into the wall. 
  8. Hang your frames at kid-height if you’re using these for little ones like we did.