Yesterday the girls and I realized our egg basket was overflowing and it was time to dye some Easter eggs! Not feeling like dealing with carseats and grocery stores, we looked around our pantry for natural egg dye. Although neon easter eggs are fun, we liked this natural Easter egg look better. The process was fun too – we had no idea how the eggs would look with each dye we created. 
We used several teas we had. My girls’ favorite herbal tea, Republic of Tea Hibiscus, which is bright pink, green tea, and black tea. We also made brew of turmeric powder. 

You can even have a little tea party while you dye your eggs. My girly girl loves caffeine free pink tea. I’ll share that biscotti recipe later! 

Our favorite natural homemade dye turned out to be the turmeric, which produced yellow eggs. Coffee created chocolate colored eggs, and the pink hibiscus tea ended up making grey/blue eggs! We dyed brown eggs, rather than white, since our chickens lay brown eggs. We did cheat and use a cup of water with a few drops of blue food coloring in it for those blue eggs. I wasn’t happy with the color the green tea imparted – the green pictured above was the result of a dip in the blue + turmeric. The trick is to get your dye very dark by either simmering it down or using a little water and a lot of coloring agent (tea, coffee, turmeric). 
Natural Dyed Easter Eggs 
6-12 hard boiled eggs (white or brown) 
1 tablespoon vinegar per color of dye 
1 cup of water per color 
very strongly colored tea, coffee, juice, or red wine (yes, I used red wine too for purple eggs!) 
2 tablespoons dried turmeric for yellow 
raw chopped beets simmered in the water for pink 
raw red cabbage chopped and simmered in water for blue
For more natural color ideas check out this post on Better Homes & Gardens. 
Simmer or microwave tea bags in one cup of water. Let steep until very darkly colored. We used 2 teabags per cup of water. Stir in vinegar. Brew a cup of very dark coffee if using coffee (I used instant to save the good coffee). Simmer turmeric in water until disolved and richly colored. Simmer beets in water if using. Add eggs to bowls of dye and refrigerate until eggs have reached desired hues. We left them in for 2 hours.