Every year from October through December my girlfriends and I can’t stop gushing over the fancy fall and winter coffee drinks. A pumpkin or peppermint spiced warm drink does an amazingly great job of getting us into the spirit of fall and winter. And considering there is absolutely no sign of fall here in Southern California, we need all the help we can get. They’re expensive and unhealthy, but we indulge anyway, because hey, it’s a festive special treat that’s not always available. Once in awhile that’s fine of course, but why not make an inexpensive all-natural homemade version that is ready in an instant? Making pumpkin spice lattes at home is incredibly easy. I mix together Truwhip (a natural frozen whipped topping), pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice. I spread the delicious pumpkin pie flavored whipped cream into a baking dish and freeze until I’m ready for my instant latte. Ridiculously easy, right?! While I’m sipping my latte in my jammies, I warm some milk for the girls and top it with the same pumpkin whipped cream.

  • Coffee Shop Pumpkin Spice Latte: 390 calories (about the same as a burger), 13 grams of fat, 49 grams of sugar  source
  • Yummy Mummy Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte: 55 calories, 2.7 grams of fat, 4.3 grams of sugar (woo hoo! You can have one every day!)


Pull your dish of pumpkin whipped cream out of the freezer and use a cookie cutter (warming it in hot water makes cutting easy) or just spoon out and drop onto your coffee or milk. An ordinary cup of coffee is transformed into a sweet fall indulgence as the whipped cream melts. I may or may not have spooned a massive amount of this heavenly mixture directly into my mouth. Oh, and I really love mini white pumpkins.

Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte
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Pumpkin Whipped Cream:
makes about 25 (2.5 tablespoon servings)

1/3 cup canned pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix)
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
10 ounces TruWhip (available at many grocery stores including Ralphs and Whole Foods)
sprinkles or additional pumpkin pie spice for garnish, optional

Place pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice in the bowl of a mixer. Beat until combined and smooth. My organic canned pumpkin was quite hard and this beating helps it smooth out. Add the whipped topping and beat in just until combined. Transfer to a 11×7 inch baking dish coated with cooking spray. Alternatively an 8-inch or 9×13-inch baking dish could be used. Cover with plastic wrap and keep in the freezer until ready to use.

To make lattes:
8 ounces brewed coffee
1/4 cup warmed low-fat milk (or however much milk you like)
Stevia to taste

Add milk to your coffee and sweeten to taste with stevia or your favorite sweetener. Top with pumpkin whipped topping from the freezer.  Sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice or sprinkles, if desired.

Make it Vegan!
Substitute coconut cream whipped cream for the TruWhip. Click here for instructions.  Substitute almond, soy, or coconut milk for the milk.

Kid-Friendly Recipe
Top warmed milk or hot cocoa with pumpkin whipped cream.


*facts are approximate. Serving size is 2.5 tablespoons of pumpkin whipped cream with 8 ounces  coffee prepared with 1/4 cup of 2% milk.

Update 2018:

I now make my Pumpkin Spice Lattes a bit differently (and simply and more nutritiously). Check out my Vegan Golden Pumpkin Spice Lattes here!

How to make vegan pumpkin spice lattes with turmeric golden milk.