Hi Friends. Did you celebrate Summer Solstice this weekend? While we didn’t participate in the crazy over the top festivities here, we did enjoy the official start of summer. The June Gloom finally lifted and we woke up to a sunny morning. I celebrated by going on a morning run. It’s a good thing, because the rest of the weekend seemed to involve eating.

B and I baked Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. There aren’t any left. 
Our first ever homegrown peaches were ready to be picked. 
 I see a peach recipe in your future.
We met our friends at one of our favorite summer restaurants, Padaro Beach Grill in Summerland. If you’re ever in the area, this is a must-visit restaurant. It’s perfect for families with kids, but isn’t overly kid-y; there’s an adults only area too.
My lovely mommy friends. Now here’s a novel idea for those of us with babies and toddlers. Moms get to sit and eat? Not chase babies around? Amazing!

 Yes, there is a huge sandbox filled with toys between the picnic tables.

 The fare is casual but good quality. Burgers, salads, and sandwiches fill the chalkboard menu.

The Maui Burger with pineapple salsa.

The California Burger.

 Dinner with toes in the sand(box). I ♥ jelly shoes.

The view isn’t bad either 🙂