Bento boxes for school lunches seem to be popping up everywhere. After working as a teacher and seeing kids come to school with “lunches” consisting of a soda, chips, and cookies (I am not exaggerating here, this was the norm), I am loving this trend.
I send B (3.5) to school with bento style containers from Laptop Lunches, but there are many other fun possibilities out there. 

Inspiration board borrowed from one of my new favorite blogs, Signature Style by Anne Book. I could spend hours ooohing and ahhhing over all the gorgeous inspiration on this site. Click here for her sources. 
A Hello Kitty bento made by my friend Jenn.
Do you have any healthy lunchbox ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments!
Generally I try to make sure there is a fruit, veggie, and protein in her lunch. Since my daughter is a carb girl, I don’t worry about that one so much. Some of my favorite things to pack are: 
*dinner left-overs
*hard boiled egg
*nuts (there are not any children at her school with nut allergies)
*pasta with veggies and olive oil 
*small or chopped fruit and veggies (cherry tomatoes, berries, sliced cucumber, etc.)
*peanut butter and dippers (apples, celery, carrots, pretzels)
*hummus wrap (whole wheat tortilla spread with hummus and cucumber, tomato or other veggies)
*small bean, cheese, and rice burrito
*quinoa with veggies and a little olive oil
* salad of brown rice, beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, and basil
P.S. we ordered the chicken coop and chickens with our local feed store yesterday and they should be here on the 20th!