I don’t know if you can really call this a recipe. It’s more of just an assembly. But I thought I would share it anyway because it’s really quick, easy, and delicious. All the ingredients you need can be found at Trader Joes. Probably other stores too, but the flat bread is the perfect chewyness and the tatziki has the perfect tangyness and I love that it has sliced cucumbers in it. I think it’s even better than going to a Greek restaurant, because you can choose what you put into it.

1 package Trader Joe’s flat bread
1 container Trader Joe’s Tatziki sauce
shredded chicken, or grilled fish, etc.
sliced onion
chopped tomato

Warm flat breads. Spoon tatziki sauce inside and fill with your favorite fixin’s!

Mum Rating: B+ I love that it only takes a few minutes to make. Great weeknight meal.
Hubby Rating: A
Toddler Rating: A Bella loved the sauce and ate all her chicken for once!