Glazed lemon cake has always been one of my favorites. It’s so fresh and bright tasting. I decided to make this cake into cupcakes for the annual Santa Barbara Ducati show & picnic. This has got to be the simplest icing/glaze recipe ever. No measuring necessary.

Lemon Cupcakes
OK, so I cheated and used the boxed variety and added the zest of a lemon. I wish I hadn’t taken the shortcut though, because I can already tell they’re not as good.
confectioner’s sugar
lemon juice (from 1-2 lemons)

Bake cupcakes according to recipe. Cool. Using a fork, carefully poke holes all over tops of
To make the glaze, whisk lemon juice into confectioner’s sugar. Continue adjusting the amount of juice and sugar until you have a nice thick glaze that will coat the cupcakes. Pour over the cupcakes. The glaze will get into all those holes and make the cakes very moist. Let glaze set before eating.

*note: next time I would make the cupcakes shorter so that there would be a small lip created by the liner, and the glaze could pool on top without dripping over the sides.

If I had been thinking ahead I would have ordered crystalized violets from Fancy Flours to decorate the tops.

If you’re not familiar with Fancy Flours, it’s an a-mazing website for baking decorations. Check out those bird cupcake wrappers and edible wafer paper birds!
Last year I made red velvet cupcakes with chocolate motorcycles on top. I learned my lesson when the cream cheese frosting started to melt though.

Chocolate Cupcake Toppers:
Almost any shape candy mold can be found online. Thank goodness for Google! Fill the molds with melted chocolate, and tap on the counter to get rid of bubbles. Cool in the fridge until completely hardened. Pop out of mold, and voila, chocolate cupcake toppers!
Here’s a pic from last year’s event.