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How to Make an Avocado Rose or Avocado Flower

A quick video tutorial to demonstrate how to make an avocado rose or flower. 
how to make an avocado rose flower

I received several requests for a video tutorial after I posted the avocado tostadas last week. Video is definitely the easiest way to show you how to do this, so rather than sharing the tutorial in a standard recipe format, I'll let the video do the talking. There is no sound and it's only about 60 seconds long. In the video I serve my avocado flower on a piece of Ezekiel bread with a slathering of beet hummus. The avocado is topped with a little lemon (or lime) juice to help prevent browning and to add a pop of fresh flavor. A little sprinkle of sea or Himalayan salt is a must on avocados. 

Although I enjoy an avocado almost daily straight from the skin, maybe scooped up with some Mary's Gone Crackers seed crackers, these avocado roses were so much fun to make and a wonderful treat for someone special. 

How would you serve an avocado rose? 

Sending you warm wishes for a beautiful weekend.  


If you try this, be sure to tag me on Instagram @yummymummykitchen. I always LOVE to see what you're making!
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