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80 Lunch Box Ideas {Printables}

A couple of weeks ago my girlie and I taught a lunch box inspiration class at the Santa Barbara Public Market. It was a huge success! The class was sold-out and I think everyone had a lot of fun and gained healthy packed lunch ideas. As a busy mama, I know how stressful mornings can be and sometimes we just can't think of what to pack. I made a couple of printables to make lunch-packing easier and wanted to share them with you. The link to download the pages is at the bottom of this post. I hope these pages give you some new ideas. They are great for kids' lunches, but are just as helpful in packing grown-up lunches. Print out these pages and keep them with your lunch-packing supplies. 

How to pack an awesome lunch. 

80+ Lunch Box Ideas

For a special treat, our cooking class made one of my favorite healthier desserts: Chocolate Peanut Butter Quinoa Crispies! 

Both files can be downloaded here
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