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Elf on the Shelf Letter {free printable}

Free printable letter for when your Elf on the Shelf returns. Elf on the Shelf letter. 
Elf on the shelf letter free printable

Thanksgiving has passed and that means we are full steam into Christmastime! Santa will be coming soon, and that means our Elf on the Shelf in on his way. Our mischievous little Elf on the Shelf will be appearing this week so I made a quick little return letter from him. Click here if you would like to use the letter. You can write in your kids names at the top and your elf's name at the bottom. 

Elf on the Shelf Notes free Printable

And if you don't yet own an Elf on the Shelf, it's a fun tradition to start! 

How cute is this Elf on the Shelf chef set?! I think our little guy needs an apron for his cooking antics. 

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