Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pistachio Mascarpone Gelato + Summer Inspiration

 It's almost Memorial Day weekend, and that means Summer is right around the corner. This afternoon B and I made this gelato and you really must try it. Immediately. You'll think you're in Piazza Navona, Roma.  It's that good. I first tried it without the pistachios and was disappointed. But after adding the pistachios? Something magical happened. It's also one of the easiest ice creams I've ever made. No eggs to temper!

Pistachio Mascarpone Gelato 
Printable Recipe
8 oz mascarpone
3 cups milk
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup roasted or toasted pistachios

In a medium saucepan, combine the mascarpone, milk, and sugar.  Cook over medium heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves and bubbles form around the edges of the pan. Remove from heat. Cool, cover, and refrigerate overnight. The liquid may have separated. If so, pour liquid through a fine mesh sieve and discard solids. Add pistachios to liquid and pour into an ice cream maker. Freeze according to manufacturer's instructions.
adapted from Italian Food Artisans' 'Mascarpone Gelato'

Now that we're in the Summery spirit, I'll share some Summer inspiration from our home to yours...
Potted Hydrangea on our porch

I always know Summer is coming when the starfish come back out on our mantel.
in our family room... 
 and living room...
That mossy succulent sphere was fun to make. Do we need a tutorial? 

A few of my favorite things for Summer
1 & 6 ~ Mason jars for drinks and flowers. Cute AND cheap!
2  ~ Current favorite dress $88 at Anthropologie.  This is the most comfortable thing I have ever put on AND it's V stripes and fit make it super flattering. 
3. Pure Fiji sugar scrub. Smells like a tropical island... ahhhh... 
4. Brazilian Gloss keratin treatment. 3 months of frizz-free hair without blow drying.
5. Get glowy Summery skin with this shimmer brick (I've been using this for 5+ years and still love it)

Ciao Bella! I hope you have a sweet Spring & Summer!

Yummy Mummy

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Awesome post!! I'm so ready for some of that gelato. Let's have lunch soon!!!!! =)

  2. We set out our hammock over the weekend. It's true, summer is close! That pistachio gelato is making me hungry...

  3. All of my friends would think I'm crazy, but I love this flavor idea! It sounds so yummy, almost a savory-type ice cream!
    You take amazing pictures, and I love the starfish and the succulents!
    I'm afraid if I had pretty wood shelves like that I would litter them with my gemstone and fossil collection. :P

  4. Gelato looks delicious, and your house looks beautiful and summery!

  5. Love how you captured the "drip"! And I am definitely going to make this gelato. I'm not a big nut fan, but I do love pistachios!

  6. Yes, love that dress! And I'm such a big fan of anything that comes in a mason jar. That ice cream looks delicious!!

  7. these ice cream cone pics are GORGEOUS! love em!

  8. gor. geous. i am loving the simplicity! it looks so beautiful! (i am talking about your mantels here!) how incredibly lovely. i am totally coveting them right now. : )

  9. OMG, you have a to die for house...I wish I had the decorating gene. Lovely recipe, I LOVE mascarpone in dishes.

  10. Beautiful pics. I love how you caught the gelato drip! And what a beautiful place you have!

    Your girls are so precious. As you can see, I am very impressed with your blog. Great job.

  11. I think the gelato looks wonderful. It's a bit too cold and windy here to think about ice-cream though, but I have written the recipe out for another day...thankyou. I love your starfish! Thankou so much for your comments on Pinterest. I think I have to save it as a special treat, and only go on there when everything else is done and then I won't have the guilt! Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  12. Love the ice cream recipe - definitely keen on the fact it's not a custard base which is more time consuming! thanks for the great recipe:)

  13. I am so ready for summer....home made ice cream and potted plants...didnt know hydrangeas can be potted...I have two big ones in my back yard...they were my father in laws favorite...have a great weekend...following and hope a follow back.

  14. Delicious gelato, beautiful home(and kids)!

  15. I saw your recipe linked up over at Sugar Bananas. It immediately caught my eye and I had to come by. I love the combination of the mascarpone and pistachios. Brilliant! Definitely a must-try recipe for my family this summer!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  16. Yes to the demo on how to make the succulent moss creation! I need large ones for our front porch! Teach me your ways Obi-wan :)

  17. Lots of lovely summer inspiration! Your recipe has been quite popular over at Sugar Bananas :) Thanks for sharing with Sweets This Week!

  18. I love your blog so much! The blueberry picking pictures in the post above are gorgeous and the scones sound wonderful, as do the strawberry olive oil muffins. Love your starfish also. Thank you so much for linking up with us at the Sit and Relax weekend hop so that I get a chance to catch up!!! See you next weekend!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  19. I am in love with your living room- the mossy spheres are such a lovely touch.

    And I'm obsessed with the antro maxi dress, too! So comfortable.

  20. I am all about anything pistachio!! That ice cream looks divine!!

    So glad to have found your blog!

  21. that gelato sounds ahhhmazing! i love pistachios :) great collection of summery things! thanks for linking up! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  22. You are on a roll with making delicious treats!! Lovin your summer list too...Mmm that coconut scrub sounds ahhhmazing.

  23. Hello! I'm Kassandra and I featured this awesomeness here at my blog Coffee and their Kisses. I hope you'll come by and grab a featured button located at the end of the post. Thanks so much! Have a great day!!


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